Thursday, December 9, 2010

New design-sort of :D

There, I managed to pretty-fy my blog. This is a pic, digitally remastered *snicker* to undo the "white spot" from the camera's flash lol.

It is pretty close to the actual painting, which is huge. i have to get out my measuring tape and measure it next time I go visit my daughter who has claimed it :D

I write. I have made it my career. But I also paint. It is my stress release. It is how I meditate. How I center myself. Speaking of, it is WAY past time for a painting binge. *G*

I will be adding bits and pieces of artwork to blog over next couple of weeks, trying to make my blog a little more visually interesting.

Feel free to comment on any artwork you see. Or on any excerpt from my writing that I put up. I put it out there, that makes it fair game, from my POV.

What do you do to help you relax?


  1. I like the dragon! Very nice. I do artsy stuff, too. I tend towards more fibery stuff: knitting, quilting, spinning, but I am a World Class Doodler. I have, like, six gold medals in making pretty swirly things while I sit in seminars.

  2. Ooooh. I would love to learn spinning. I love fabric arts as well. I do crochet, quilting, costume making, general sewing, cross stitching,scrapbooking...LOL crafting can help with stress!

    Thanks re dragon. I'm quite proud of it.

  3. God hun...This is gorgeous! I love the background, the transparency, and the dragon...oh, wow. I'm impressed. *hugs* beautiful site....don't suppose you wanna do mine for me? :P Lol

    anyway i'm doing some backreading over your blog to get caught up. hope you don't mind. smile.

  4. @Laurie I am flattered that you would like help from me. Your site is much more technological than mine! I just paint pretty pictures...

    You are free to run amok on my blog any way you please :) Good to have you back.