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Friday, November 17, 2017

NaNoWriMo Thoughts, Feelings, and Tips


One day, I will get this blogging thing back to its hay day. In the meantime, I'll keep on keeping on. I've had a lot of new releases, and more to come. But I'm most happy that I've kept writing through the worst year I've had since...a long time.

Okay, NaNoWriMo is a huge writing online camp. You do fun things, reach out, meet up with peeps you might never have become connected to otherwise. I've become a part of a group that is so positive and means a lot. New for me. But I think, that in the hoopla of reaching that 50k words written goal, people forget the purpose. The purpose is to get you to write, to stretch your  comfort zone, to reach for a goal that might seem impossible. Now, it doesn't show it on NaNo stats because I didn't remember to finalize the official word count, but I've only lost one year that I've done it.

That's not to brag. In fact, I had to work very hard to do it with all that's going on. The thing is, use NaNo to do what you need it to do. I use it to get back into the habit of making writing a priority. If you don't win, but you wrote at least 5 days a week, you're a huge winner. You now have words you didn't have before. If you're a new writer, this is especially important. The first couple hundred thousand words you write tend to not be your best. LOL

Since I've made 50k words this year outside of NaNo, I've made a stretch goal of 75-100k. That's insane, but I'm at 38,627 and I haven't written yet today. (Too bad can't count blog and emails! lol I'd be way over my 100k mark :P). Do you see that number? I've been ill, my kids have been ill, I've had no money (can't go to write ins, stress of power being turned off, etc.), and multiple hours spent at doctor's offices, and I've still managed. How? I've worked late at night, cut sleep back to 6 hours...if I'm lucky. Remember those sick kids? Sigh.

In case you're new here, I have 5 kids, one grandkid, and one daughter in law. I have three still at home, and they are all in different schools. They have been bringing something home from each school, and like good little kids, have shared with everyone. I've not gone one whole week without someone being sick. I'm ready for it to be done now. ANYWAY.

The point is to push yourself further than you believed possible, to make yourself go. I had to change strides. The one I was on just wasn't coming. I have more wordage on the shorts (I'm putting together something for Carina, cross fingers) that were supposed to be extras than on my main project. However, the new project is moving along nicely. I hope to really push it the last week. I'm also hoping to get some write in time, time away from family responsibility to really focus on my writing. But even if that doesn't happen, I am going to make my 50k goal. I am probably going to make the 75k goal. The real stretch will be that 100k goal. Who needs sleep :P

For those who have struggled in the past, here's a past blog post with some helpful hints and tips to make it through a successful NaNo!

Don't forget, the biggest plus is learning how to consistently put out words, regardless of the count! The new friends, reconnect with old friends, is just a bonus!

As a closing, I'd like to remind everyone, I have a new tagline for my artistic life and a youtube channel (Only have one video, but have started the planning for more. It's a learning curve for me. LOL), and I've put out quite a few books available across many venues, and continuing to add more books to more venues. To keep up on everything, you can sign up for my newsletter on the side bar, or here.

That tagline? The Next Leonardo da Vinci. Or, The Next Leona-rdo da Vinci.

The newsletter encompasses art and writing, and any other skill I want to show off, but mainly art and writing. Please, come follow me! When I get to where I want to be, it'll be once a week. Right now, I'm working hard for once a month. :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Boxed Sets

Hello hello!


So, this past year has been a very difficult one on personal levels. A friend of mine started doing boxed sets. She not only helped to save my sanity, she saved my writing career. I've been in two now, with her, with my third coming up quickly!

It'll be a non romance, based on mythology in Scotland. Going to take some artistic license on Kelpies, and throw in a sorceress or three, and fighting, possibly for William the conqueror who happens to be a descendant of mine (near as I can see lol). However, might move it back in time, more. Hmmm best make these decisions, quick! It's headed to editor September 19th! lol

Because of these boxed sets, I've kept active, been able to put more books out again, and, more, I'm ready to finish my stories (have a sci fi and an historical one) that I'm sending to agents.

My War of the Weres series has seen the updated release of the first in the War of the Weres Chronicles, Bearly There (formerly Barely There), with new edits to bring it inline with my current writing standards. I've got another short for the Chornicles at the line editor now.

So, loads of writing goals! All thanks to taking the plunge into boxed sets with someone I trusted!

On the painting front, things have been a bit slow. I've only completed four new ones this year (although, one was a triptych, and a large one at that!), but I've "fixed" a bunch, adding paint to sides, covering white spots from drying, etc. Here are a couple of pics of this year's offerings:

The violin was a definite breakthrough for me, at any time. The landscape, was a breakthrough because I've been struggling very hard to paint. It was as if I'd lost my skills, my instincts, my gut for it. It's hard to explain. I believe everyone can paint (or any other subject) to a degree, but that our brains are special wired for specific areas (Ie, some people are magic at math or science. Can just "see" something). It was as if I'd lost that. Thanks to a friend who helped me paint at her house, I broke through that struggle.

Now, I'm having to breakthrough another struggle, which has to do with technical issues :P LOL but, I'm doing it! Oddly enough, quite possibly with help from technology. *grins*

Of these two, which is your favorite, and why?

On the writing side, if you had the choice between the third in my War of the Weres series and an epic fantasy, which would you want to see first?

Well, tata for now!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

And So It Begins

Hi *waves crazily*

I know, I know, like always it's been awhile. Well, my life has been crazy. I'm getting my health in order, though, so hopefully won't have as many lengthy times in between. It's hard starting over. One of the major things I'm starting over with is my health. For years--YEARS--I've been ignored when asking for help from doctors. Then I'd find a good one, and they'd leave. (I go to a clinic where they serve x years to get x dollars deducted from their taxes, so many, many doctors serve their time and move on.) However, I now have one that is, so far, AMAZING. He actually PALPED MY KNEE. That is to say, he touched it and the shin of the leg that is in so much pain since my sledding accident.

He took xrays. I have osteoarthritis in that knee now. Oh joy. There's a whole long backstory on my thyroid issues, weight, this knee issues that would take ten blogs. Suffice it to say, if doctor's hadn't ignored me just to say "You're fat." then I would likely not have this issue, or at least not this bad. But even before I saw this new doctor, I was determined to be healthier and started to swim. Just under two years ago, I weighed 300 pounds. I didn't look like 300, more like 250 because I stayed active, but I was. Even a few pounds over. They changed my meds, and I lost a lot of weight. They changed them again, lost more, without trying.

I decided to try...and was stuck. My thyroid levels were so low (.o3 where low side of normal is .34) that I basically had zero metabolism. Late June, they are .1 so getting somewhere, but still slow. Imagine trying to lose weight and get in shape with essentially no metabolism, or as now, very little. It's hard. I have an end goal of 180...and maybe 160...

I am struggling with that as every day I don't have 1k calorie deficit, I don't lose weight. It's a serious struggle. I've given the overview here, and I'm going to do regular updates as part of my blogging now.

Why? you might ask as it's a publishing/writing/painting blog...because, our health is part of our ability to think, to create, and part of our struggle. Low metabolism makes it harder to meet deadlines, to stay awake for normal hours, to find the energy to even go buy the materials, learn new things, market, etc. It affects every aspect of our lives. I believe other creatives are dealing with health struggles and need to know that others are out there who understand.

I am determined to get myself back. I have a goal of 180 by end of year (faster than normal because my meds are being adjusted). However, I made this goal in June...and didn't lose weight for WEEKS. I swam, started aerobics, etc. I wasn't eating enough it turned out. I started using myfitnesspal and mapmyrun and started doing c25k (loads of fun when your knee hurts like hell!). Weight came off for two weeks. I was down to 249. Then I went camping at an SCA event. Gained 9 pounds, despite NOT going over calorie goal (you know, the one on fitness pal they say is for losing 2 pounds a week...that one?), and Two of the three days, I ran 3.3 miles...which took me an hour as I actually walk/run alternately. Then this past weekend, gained six, despite not going over calorie goal one day, and only slightly over the next day. However, I have myfitnesspal set to me having a sedate lifestyle, which I do not, so it shouldn't matter. But it does because my meds are wrong.

I am working hard to be healthy, and it is discouraging at times. But I have friends, one in particular, who has been encouraging from me at all times. To all of you, Thank you. To those that need a friend, follow my blog. I will try to encourage you, share my pitfalls, my sadness, as well as my joys and triumphs. I am continuing to work hard on my exercise and eating. I have a goal to make. I am determined to walk this path and meet that goal.

And so, it begins...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Meet in the Middle

I've been frustrated of late. Have you ever noticed that if you try to get someone to quick thinking blindly and look at something from all angles, that you are attacked? Being in the middle is a lonely place so much of the time. You're accused of all sorts of things from being a liberal snowflake to a Nazi sympathizer to what was today's? Oh yes, a sentient fedora. I did applaud this last person. Most creative name I'd been called in a long time.

I do not follow blindly. I do not believe something simply because someone said it or it was on the news. I refuse to let the bad things that happened to me make me a hateful, angry person. However, I also refuse to let those people attack me because they cannot have an adult discussion with someone who doesn't agree with them. Sometimes, I do agree with them, but not with their methods of attack or their reasoning.

What is it about us humans that makes it hard as hell to see the other person's side? That makes us so hateful? I've been fighting with depression for months. Severe depression. Most people only know when I tell them because I've been FIGHTING IT. I refuse to allow it to make me not talk to my kids, to not be there for my friends. But apparently, because it's not a certain kind of depression (like bipolar), it's not real enough, or if I fight the lies my body is telling me, I'm just strong and shouldn't expect other people too. Um, no. We all should fight the lies. Whether it's our bodies or an outside force, the lies hold us back, keep us from our potential. It's not easy, and depression hurts like hell and tricks the mind. But science has now backed up what I've been saying for years--looking for the positive trains your brain to see the positive AND HAS AN ACTUAL CHEMICAL REACTION IN YOUR BRAIN that fights depression. Now, this doesn't mean you don't think the sad thoughts, the ambivalent thoughts. It doesn't mean you don't feel the pain, the shame. What it means is you focus on something positive so your brain has more to fight off the damn lies with. If you need meds, by all means, use that too! Whatever works for you to fight the lies your mind and body tells you.

With the lies fed to you by people and the media, it's not as clear cut. You need to look for the positive, try to understand the other side. However, it's a lot easier to find a positive in my life, even when I'm homeless, than to find someone who is willing to try to see stuff from both sides.

We are led by our emotions. Here is something I wrote today after being attacked and bullied because I refused to get out the pitchforks and torches based on the word of one person who went to the media. The subject was a touchy one, but mostly, this was the last straw for me. So here it is.

The voice of reason is almost always maligned.

Fall in line, soldier. Believe what I say regardless of the facts. Be lead by your emotions. Allow your emotions to override your common sense, your decency. Allow your past to vilify all who remind you of someone who wronged you. Hold on to those hurts and treat others badly because your emotions say that everyone should hurt because you do. Don't listen to reason, duty, honor, and loyalty because they will cause you to do things that aren't where big brother, who is manipulating your emotions, wants you to go. Don't think for yourself. Only feel what I deem acceptable. Don't look at both sides of the equation because you might start understanding and having compassion for the other side, then how will we control you? Don't be responsible for your screw ups. Blame someone else. Don't try to better your life. Blame the rich. Blame the poor. Blame the stars. Blame someone so we can keep manipulating you by what you feel. Feeding you the emotions we want you to feel. Reason? Common sense? Overrated. Agree with our opinion or we're allowed to call you names and bully you until you fall back in line, soldier. As you were.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hello! I have a guest author today! She's here promoting her latest work. It is hot hot hot. Everything here is PG 13 or less, but I think you get the idea!
I sank into the bath and sighed at the soothing heat. The bubbles were a nice touch too. The water made my wounds sting, but I welcomed the pain. For some reason, my mind equated that the pain meant all the cuts and abrasions were being cleaned. The large one on my knee ached particularly bad, but I’d survived far worse. That acknowledgement drew my gaze to my thigh and the sloppy crisscrossing of scars there.

My property. Just like the animal you are, Master Bryce growled in my ear.

I jumped, throwing my arms around myself and hugging my body tight. My eyes searched the room as I waited for him to walk into view, knife glinting in his hand. The room remained silent except for the racing thud of my heartbeat.

“He’s not here,” I whispered. “You aren’t with him anymore. He can’t hurt you.”

How dare you be so ungrateful. Master fed you!

“He starved me,” I protested. “Sometimes he wouldn’t let me eat for days.”

Master clothed you!

“I was only allowed to wear lingerie. He didn’t even allow me to wear shoes. That’s not clothing.”

Master sheltered you!

“Caged me,” I snarled at the voice.

You are nothing without Master!

Those words hit where it counted. I recoiled both mentally and physically, though I knew I’d never be able to outrun that voice. It sounded like my own, but different. Same voice, but robotic. Lifeless. A recording to remind me of all my failings and everything I would never be. Maybe it was my broken soul, shattered and stuck on repeat like a skipping CD.

“Yes, I am nothing,” I admitted, staring at the bubbles that floated on the surface of the water. “But if I try really hard, maybe I can fix myself and be something. Someone worthwhile. Maybe…”

The protests in my head died, as if the nefarious voice contemplated what I said. Or maybe it planned its next attack. Either way, it hushed without anyone else having to interfere, and I sent thanks to the Universe for the moment’s peace.

I didn’t want to linger too long in the bath, so I focused on washing up, including my hair. Once upon a time, I’d kept my hair long enough to touch my waist. Now it only brushed the tops of my shoulders. The first time I’d cut it, I’d done it to feel like I held control over at least one aspect of my life. When Master saw it, he told me I looked like an ugly boy. After that, I kept cutting it shorter and shorter. I think, deep down, I hoped if I cut it short enough, he would find me so unattractive he would quit seeking me out for sexual interaction.

Satisfied that I’d washed away the dirt and grime from the past few days, I let the tub drain and stepped out to towel off. Until the bath, I didn’t realize how much my muscles ached. Now that the heat soaked the soreness away, I could move a little more freely. It made drying off much easier, though my palms still smarted and my knees were raw.

I slipped into an oversized shirt that announced Do Not Disturb in metallic silver letters against a pink and black background. The contact of the clean garment against my skin sent a fresh prayer of gratitude from my lips at the luck that landed clothes in my lap. Clothes that covered me. Clothes that didn’t leave me bare to the prying, leering eyes of strangers. I pushed away the thought before it towed me under into my shadows like a riptide and slipped on a pair of clean panties, then opened the door.

Voices met me. One of them male.

A lump formed in my throat as I stood just inside the door of the bathroom, holding my breath as I strained to listen. Was Master out of the hospital already? Had he found out where I was? Did he come for me? The questions and fears raced through my mind a mile a minute.

If he told me to come home with him, I would. But now that I’d been jarred back into seeing the whole picture, could I ever let my world narrow down again?




Sunday, January 8, 2017

Well then...

Hello there all you happy people...and depressed people.

I've had an awful fall...with some good in it. I now live in the Pacific Northwest's wet part of the Evergreen State. Good because I now don't sound like a horse when I sleep, didn't end up in hospital or almost dying, and can breathe loads better. Bad because money...costs a lot more to live where we're at. At least my family is together again.

I've been depressed. Severely depressed. A huge portion of it has been situational. Things I don't want to talk about in specific, but lies, betrayal, people pretending to be your friend, being apart from my kids during the week, being gone from youngest (whom I had with me) for 13-15 hours a day as I commuted to the job I found...yeah. Bad times. Depression like I've not known since Post partum hit me, only this was worst. I'd lost my center. I found it again. Depression is still trying to nip at my heels, but I finally have a grasp on its horns and can toss it out the window easier and quicker.

But I think why it hit me so hard, all the above things were happening and I had little to no time for my sanity. Ie art, writing, crafts. Didn't have time for anything. Well, I'm writing again. Pulled paints out of storage (I'm currently living in a friend's garage with my family!) and plan to paint again. Haven't painted in months due to time and space.

I love where my kids are going to school, but unless some miracle happens, we aren't going to be able to stay. Well, I'm trying to make that miracle happen. How? With my writing and art. I've started a newsletter, claimed all my books on my amazon author page, have marketing plans, new release, new covers being made, and am back at the editing job. Plus, I'm going to be back to selling my art. Have been through a lot of boxes in storage. I have found a few paintings that haven't been destroyed with the move (It was a bit depressing to see how many had been messed up) and will be putting the listings up.

I've added the subscribe list to the sidebar here on this blog.

I've put new stuff up in my Etsy shop here.

Point is, I haven't completely given up, though it was close sailing for a while. But onwards and upwards. Here we go!

First of all, let me show you our new release cover of the box set I'm in with some fabulous authors.

Isn't the cover gorgeous!! Pick up your preorder for only 99 cents here! You won't be disappointed.
PS Thank you to all of you whom have stuck around through my ups and downs. Time for more ups than downs, don't you think?