Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Kill Switch

Much ado about nothing would not be apropos in this matter. In fact, there should be more of an uproar in the news, facebook, etc. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-s3480/text This is the page with the actual bill as it stands now. The language is vague.

Commonly known as The Kill Switch, the government is trying to enact a bill that would give them the right to create a super agency that would govern the internet and all of its infrastructure. It gives them the ability to shut down the internet and over see all aspects of the internet, and in the language of the bill, would be "including programmable electronic devices and communications networks and any associated hardware, software, or data."

Not only are they asking to set up a completely new agency, they want it to "oversee" all other agencies that are part of the internet infrastructure, like the Department of Defense, military, etc. It's not just about some hacker might get on. It even contains provisions to allow it shut down if it perceives any threat MIGHT happen.

Again, language is vague, except where it pertains to the power it has.

Yahoo is currently fighting to keep emails private. They have been ordered by a law enforcement agency to turn over emails without a warrant. Apparently, and I am looking for this rule after reading this article, after a small length of time, opened emails are considered public domain by the government. I will share more here as I find it.

However, I think everyone needs to be aware and vote this down. Not only can the money be better used elsewhere, we need to not close up an avenue of free speech. What if I get a huge following regarding this issue and the government decides its too inflammatory? Under the new bill, they could shut me down. They could say I'm a terrorist because I am dissenting. One of the backers has been quoted as saying that China has something like it. China? Really? We all know how well China deals with protesters and free speech rights. Just ask all those students...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Scene I like

Jordan’s rumpled trench coat showed evidence of oregano pesto. It didn’t take a detective to see he’d had Italian for lunch. He’d been lucky and gotten a seat without a reservation by crashing his ex-partner’s date at their favorite eatery.

He pulled out his notebook as he wistfully thought of the bread and pasta left on his plate when the call had come in. At least he’d had half his lunch before duty called.

He squatted as he gingerly used a pencil tip to push the gun away from the body. Keith Knight wasn’t so lucky.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wallet found!

Yeah... I found my wallet :D

It was in weeds in potatoe patch by driveway. All cash gone. All cards there. Yep, it was kids. They also left stereo and camera in van. Camera doesn't work so would have served them right. Wait until I go talk to the parents...

It showed up after I asked adults about my wallet in front of kids. HMMM. lol Anyways, I'm fifty bucks down, but at least I have my ID and SSI card for baby. That is a real wreck to fix. Course, I wouldn't need it anymore if I could just get a triple book deal or something.

I'm glad to have wallet back, although I was already looking for purse and new wallet as I've about worn this one out. It was gift from Ashley and it is a nintendo controller lol.

Maybe I'll get an Atari controller next. It really was fun!

However, I am making a black purse with purple butterfly on it. I'm crocheting it and if it comes out, I will have to learn to post pics here! I am going to be sewing a liner and zipper and I've not done that with my crocheted works before.

Have a good night everyone. Until next time...

Sleep. I found you.

Now if only my wallet would show up, I'd be peachy keen :D

Seriously, I have lost my wallet and have no clue where it has possibly gone. I know the last place I saw it and the only other place I've been before it's disappearance was noted is home. With a migraine. Needless to say, migraine's and lost wallets do not mix.

I have spent the last 5 days with severe headache and no wallet and little sleep. Last night, I slept in the neighborhood of 6.5 to 7 hours. That's like two nights worth of sleep! LOL My writing ought to explode today. Notice the blog is written??

I have beta readers and a writing partner. I'm ecstatic to be writing again with sleep and that kind of help. It is fate that I got sleep the same day my writing partner has first full day off work. Here I go!

At some point this week, I will post another excerpt from Quest for Riverhand. I am editing that one and my thriller, Winds of Fire. So maybe I will post from there as well. I am entering Winds of Fire's first 25 words (more or less) in a critique of sorts on another blog. I will post the link if I get in the first 50 :)

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Versatile Blog Award Part II

So I went back and look at the "rules" I am supposed to also tell you a few things about myself.

1) I am a mother. You all know that, but it defines me. Everything else is part of that.

2) I am a painter. I love painting with oils and pastels, both soft and oil.

3) I am a writer. Numbers 1-3 are really non-negotiable about me. They are all a big part of me and make up how I see things and what I do. Sometimes the painter helps the writer and vice versa. The mother is always there.

4) I love my husband. Don't laugh. It's true and not everyone knows that about me :D

5) Blogging and twitter used to be banes of my existence and now, I don't mind so much.

6) CJ Redwine is my pal. Actually, she helped me conquer a big fear - query letters.

7) I have huge fear of spiders and the only thing stronger is #1 above.

8)I am with Mr. Bartie regarding seeing children hurt. Don't do it in front of me or I will share my physical pain. I think it has to do with #1-3. Unfortunately, I can imagine all too well what I don't actually know. Hate seeing it happen.

Versatile Blog Award

And, Oh yeah, the one I put first without a number on previous blog is the one who nominated me LOL. Read them if you are interested in writing at all. It is well worth the time.


Most versatile blogger award


This blog is a new one I've found through twitter. And, although I'm not sure you are supposed to back hand the award back that they lobbied at you, I'm adding him in as a bonus.

Twitter has been my friend which is funny considering it took me about six months to warm up to it. I think after 9 months I still only had 172 twits. Now I'm over 1k and I'm just hitting my stride at a year.

1. The first nominee I have is edittorent. http://edittorrent.blogspot.com/ They recently won some awesome reward, I believe it was number one blog from preditor and editors :D and they are the awesome sauce of learning how to write better without falling asleep over it. Their humor isn't too shabby either :D

2. another editor/editors assistant type is editorial ass http://editorialass.blogspot.com/ She tries to look at all commentors and is generally funny and writes about a variety of things. See versatile.

3. BookEndsLLC an agent agency. Their blog is mostly ran by Jessica Faust and it is amazingly full of good information for authors, wannabees, and those tipping the toe in. She was one of the first people I queried years ago, and lets say that suck was too mild to describe my query. However, instead of being *witchy* (yeah that's what I'm thinking) she explained to me that their wasn't enough information and led me to starting places to find the information I needed for a good blog. I am serious about writing as a career and thanks to her, I didn't have to give up because I didn't know how to use the internet to garner information yet. I learned.

4. Janet Reid, Agent http://jetreidliterary.blogspot.com/ Their is a lot of fun on this blog, and a lot of... snarkiness :D fun to follow even if you don't write in her genres.

5. Linda Lael Miller http://lindalaelmiller.blogspot.com/ Good friend to have and willing to share lots of information. She is down to earth and talks a lot about her daily life. I worked with her brother once upon a time and was thrilled to meet her. It's been a love for life ever since. And I have multiple signed copies of her book :D

6. Margaret Moore historical romance writer http://margaretmoore.blogspot.com/ Another down to earth person. Nice refreshing and relaxing to read her posts. I love variety in my blogs in case you aren't catching that.

7. The Rejectionist http://www.therejectionist.com/ Another assistant, but for an agent, not editor. funny crack up and Real. You may not agree with everything she says, but you will enjoy reading about it lol She and a few of the other blogs listed here got me through a very rough month. My brother died last april and this whole year has been one of firsts and February sucked for me. She rocked!

8.The Last Word by CJ Redwine http://cjredwine.blogspot.com/ @cjredwine The last word in author interviews is what I'd say. Absolutely wonderful to follow and a good person. just read her blogs and you will see that:D

9. Wanton Acts of Writing http://wantonactsofwriting.wordpress.com/ @hc_palmquist Sister to CJ and another wonderful person and someone who works hard at all odd hours. I do mean odd...

10. Killer Fiction A group of writers put this together and it is fun to watch. I have Christie Craigs book, signed :D lots of giveaways and fun here as well as at a few of the others.

11. The Wolfy Chicks http://wolfychicks.blogspot.com/ Two parnormal YA writers A brand new one I found because one of the contributers follows another one I follow and I just put it together lol. No really, I mean just. As in yesterday :D

12. YAEdge http://yaedge.blogspot.com/ This is another YA blog (obviously :P) The two contributors are a lot of fun and one is now my writing partner as soon as she quits her old job. (Last day today) Easy blog to follow. Fun and informative as well.

13. Angie Cortes Designs http://angiecortesdesigns.blogspot.com/ This has nothing to do with writing and I only allow myself to look if I've written/edited so much or I'm sick :D She does stamping/scrapbook types of designs and I like both her male and female oriented cards.

14. Ramblings of a Fibre Junky http://fibrejunky.blogspot.com/ Another stamper/cardmaker that I allow myself to look at when I'm doing well on writing or sick.

15. Risky Regencies http://riskyregencies.blogspot.com/ A fun historical site with lots of information on the go to books for accurate historical facts as well as a lot of fun to read (if you like history :)

Wow, longest post in a while. But I felt honored to be nominated and wanted to share some of the blogs I follow. Trust me these aren't the only ones. I have to learn my craft somewhere...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

piece from fantasy book

This is healing chant from fantasy, Quest for Riverhand, as translated from Dragonspeak:

Fire surround us
Healing light be with us
Gods of Good, Gods of Chaos
Fix that broken in battle for justice
Fix that broken in search of truths
Magik of Earth flow through us
Touch this one, knit the bones
Blood heals, soul mends, heart beats.
It's very simple, but I like it. I will post greater excerpt later :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rebellion on Piza Seven Contest

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002B548GY For super cheap version of my Rebellion on Piza 7, order it on kindle. :) I have recently had sales and didn't even know it LOL!

I have an idea. If I get a hundred in sales by end of July, I will give out a hardback copy of Rebellion on Piza 7, or another book if you already have a Hard copy of it :D

So tell your friends to buy it on kindle. It's only 1.29. Or buy it hardback! I will count both amounts in sales for contest. However, if you purchase hardback by amazon, you will have to send me copy of reciept as it wont show up on my sales log for 2-3 months. The kindle I can see by middle of next month.

Post a comment if you buy it and I will give you an extra entry into the contest

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello there :D

I've found a few new friends recently, and it has been loads of fun ~ I should say they are old friends that were lost! It's been a blast.

In other news, I'm still not sleeping, I know that's more of an update, not news, and get this. My boys made High Academic Honors for their perspective classes. Yes, Both Patrick and Edward are the bomb and are getting treated to a full on steak dinner as a reward. You should have seen their eyes. It was pretty funny.

Trying to get Graduation Party together for my daughter for this Saturday. Did major grocery shopping today. Tired but pleased with the results. Got about 12-13 hundred dollars in food for 800 or so :D yep yep quit proud.

Can't wait to get rewrites finished so can get my readers' opinion :D

Till later friends.

Friday, June 4, 2010

new contest


You have to start reading this blog if you want to know anything about a romance book and don't want to be bored to death with reviews :D You will never look at interviews the same way again!


contest at djredwine


You have to start reading this blog if you want to know anything about a romance book and don't want to be bored to death with reviews :D You will never look at interviews the same way again!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Internet = GRR

I've had so much trouble with the WWW lately! Add to that my laptop needs repairs and you get someone who feels completely disconnected! Thankfully, I'd added a couple people to my twitter phone follows so I was able to keep a tiny teeny weeny tip of my finger in.

I'm back and I'm going to cry with happiness while I catch up on my blogs that I follow that I have missed so much :D

Will post more laters!