Friday, June 18, 2010

Versatile Blog Award Part II

So I went back and look at the "rules" I am supposed to also tell you a few things about myself.

1) I am a mother. You all know that, but it defines me. Everything else is part of that.

2) I am a painter. I love painting with oils and pastels, both soft and oil.

3) I am a writer. Numbers 1-3 are really non-negotiable about me. They are all a big part of me and make up how I see things and what I do. Sometimes the painter helps the writer and vice versa. The mother is always there.

4) I love my husband. Don't laugh. It's true and not everyone knows that about me :D

5) Blogging and twitter used to be banes of my existence and now, I don't mind so much.

6) CJ Redwine is my pal. Actually, she helped me conquer a big fear - query letters.

7) I have huge fear of spiders and the only thing stronger is #1 above.

8)I am with Mr. Bartie regarding seeing children hurt. Don't do it in front of me or I will share my physical pain. I think it has to do with #1-3. Unfortunately, I can imagine all too well what I don't actually know. Hate seeing it happen.

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