Monday, June 21, 2010

Wallet found!

Yeah... I found my wallet :D

It was in weeds in potatoe patch by driveway. All cash gone. All cards there. Yep, it was kids. They also left stereo and camera in van. Camera doesn't work so would have served them right. Wait until I go talk to the parents...

It showed up after I asked adults about my wallet in front of kids. HMMM. lol Anyways, I'm fifty bucks down, but at least I have my ID and SSI card for baby. That is a real wreck to fix. Course, I wouldn't need it anymore if I could just get a triple book deal or something.

I'm glad to have wallet back, although I was already looking for purse and new wallet as I've about worn this one out. It was gift from Ashley and it is a nintendo controller lol.

Maybe I'll get an Atari controller next. It really was fun!

However, I am making a black purse with purple butterfly on it. I'm crocheting it and if it comes out, I will have to learn to post pics here! I am going to be sewing a liner and zipper and I've not done that with my crocheted works before.

Have a good night everyone. Until next time...

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  1. Getting your car broken into is no fun it has happen to me several times over the years. Losing stereos, wallets and much, much more.