Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello there :D

I've found a few new friends recently, and it has been loads of fun ~ I should say they are old friends that were lost! It's been a blast.

In other news, I'm still not sleeping, I know that's more of an update, not news, and get this. My boys made High Academic Honors for their perspective classes. Yes, Both Patrick and Edward are the bomb and are getting treated to a full on steak dinner as a reward. You should have seen their eyes. It was pretty funny.

Trying to get Graduation Party together for my daughter for this Saturday. Did major grocery shopping today. Tired but pleased with the results. Got about 12-13 hundred dollars in food for 800 or so :D yep yep quit proud.

Can't wait to get rewrites finished so can get my readers' opinion :D

Till later friends.

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