Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 chances to win books, plus GC

at BK Walker books! Go and comment!! And I'm giving away a copy of Ravaged to someone who comments on every blog. Every comment gives you an entry for a $20 gift card and you don't even have to buy the books on tour (although, I'd be more than happy if you picked up Ravaged :)

And another awesome surprise, my author friend who won a copy of The Ulfric's Mate, is giving it away! Why? you may ask. *waits while you ask* Simply because she already bought a copy :P *sighs as warm and fuzzies fill up the heart*

The free copy of The Ulfric's Mate is available to a lucky commenter here.

Okay, I'm in love. Big sighs. This cover is gorgeous!! And, if you're promoting me, my books, then feel free to use it :) Would be lovely with a link to buy it... *ponders how to do that to pictures* oh well. But that's not all folks. I'm giving a copy away as well to a lucky commenter on her blog!

And as if that's not enough, she gives a wonderful interview of moi. I'm almost getting the hang of this interview business.

AND, she's giving a copy of Ravaged away. So am I! *faints dead away* *comes back to life as vampire*

Let's tally up here, shall we? I'm giving away Ravaged to a lucky person who comments on all the blogs from the tour (can be done all in one day, as long as done before Saturday) which also enters them for $20 gift card, Persephone Jones is giving away The Ulfric's Mate and Ravaged to a commenter on her blog, and I'm giving away The Ulfric's Mate and Ravaged to a commenter on her blog. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW get those fingers a-walkin' and go comment!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Tour Day 3

Blog tour day 3 has two stops! how exciting :) come by say hi! Go to yesterday's blog post for links to days one and two!! The more times you comment, the greater your chances at winning! ;-) Come bug the authors, ask them questions (even if they haven't commented. One of us will~nudge~them :D)

First stop, Erzabet's Enchantments. don't you love their cover photo?
The second stop, Guys Like Romance Too for another chance!! This tour has more stops then ever, thereby increasing your chances!! And, if any of my peeps happen to say, I don't know, comment on every stop? I'll put them in a drawing for Ravaged, the anthology being featured here :)
Granted, each stop is basically a here's our books :) but $20 gift card is nothing to sneeze at and you might find yourself in love with a new author. Breathless Press really does have every genre of romance. They push the boundaries. In fact, my sci-fi Christmas story is coming out soon... And yes, that was a not-so-subtle-plug for my soon to come releases :)

Gorgeous cover isn't it? I'm going to post this as often as I can :) Remember, if you comment on all the stops, I'll put you in a drawing for this. :) Comment here to let me know you've done it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey there everyone :)
We're on Blog Tour! First, I hope you went and checked out Angelina Rain's book, Rescued Love. Next item of business, did you miss me? ;;) Been uber busy and stressed with getting kids in school, sick kids, and fires so bad that the smoke is still bothering some people. But, I'm taking a week off. Well, sort of. I'm writing what I want to write, when. I'm not forcing it. Aaaaaand, I'm on tour. Oops. Wrong week to choose for a vacation lol

It's the anthology Ravaged:

This anthology is a great way to try new authors/genres you might not have thought about. There's bound to be a story or two you'll like. This blog tour runs for five days. Here's day one and day two so go enter! It's the GBLT releases, (I know at least one story fits this criteria :) so  you may find other books to spend the giveaway money on if you're the lucky winner!!

I want one of my people to win, so go check it out!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Animal Rescue :)

Today, I have a guest blogger, Angelina a Rain, a fellow author at Breathless Press, who is speaking about a subject near and dear to many of my friends--namely, animal welfare. Please welcome her warmly and feel free to comment. Seriously LOL
Here's what Angelina has to say:


The holiday season is upon us and it truly is the season of giving.


Animal welfare is a very important issue to me, so I'm going to donate 50% of ALL my royalties from the sales of Rescued Love to the Humane Society of the United States (


If you buy a copy of Rescued Love between October 1 and December 31, a portion of the money you paid will go towards helping the animals. What could be better? You get an entertaining romance and to give back to a very important cause.


What are readers saying about Rescued Love?



"I'm very grateful that the author is making this a series. I certainly can't wait until the second book! All these things make this a Must Read!"


"Rescued Love is a beautiful blending of mystery and sweet romance with an unexpected twist."


"Wonderful heartwarming story!"


"I appreciate the unique story the author came up with… It's entertaining, unique, and I'm hoping that book two is not only about Petra, but about the dogs who made it through."




One by one, household dogs disappear only to come back after senseless abuse. Veterinarian Jordan Powell will stop at nothing to ensure her patients' safety. Even if that means seeking help from ex-boyfriend, police officer Nate Thrillson, the man whose heart she once broke.


The last thing Nate wants is a relationship. He has an inoperable cancerous tumor in his brain and his days are numbered. Yet, he couldn't resist Jordan.


It's a race against time to save the dogs and the man who captured her heart. Can the doctor, who made a life out of helping animals, heal a human?


** Do your part in helping the animals and get yourself a copy of Rescued Love. **