Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 chances to win books, plus GC

at BK Walker books! Go and comment!! And I'm giving away a copy of Ravaged to someone who comments on every blog. Every comment gives you an entry for a $20 gift card and you don't even have to buy the books on tour (although, I'd be more than happy if you picked up Ravaged :)

And another awesome surprise, my author friend who won a copy of The Ulfric's Mate, is giving it away! Why? you may ask. *waits while you ask* Simply because she already bought a copy :P *sighs as warm and fuzzies fill up the heart*

The free copy of The Ulfric's Mate is available to a lucky commenter here.

Okay, I'm in love. Big sighs. This cover is gorgeous!! And, if you're promoting me, my books, then feel free to use it :) Would be lovely with a link to buy it... *ponders how to do that to pictures* oh well. But that's not all folks. I'm giving a copy away as well to a lucky commenter on her blog!

And as if that's not enough, she gives a wonderful interview of moi. I'm almost getting the hang of this interview business.

AND, she's giving a copy of Ravaged away. So am I! *faints dead away* *comes back to life as vampire*

Let's tally up here, shall we? I'm giving away Ravaged to a lucky person who comments on all the blogs from the tour (can be done all in one day, as long as done before Saturday) which also enters them for $20 gift card, Persephone Jones is giving away The Ulfric's Mate and Ravaged to a commenter on her blog, and I'm giving away The Ulfric's Mate and Ravaged to a commenter on her blog. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW get those fingers a-walkin' and go comment!!!!

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