Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winds of Fire work -grrr

I've done major revisions and I'm still not done :D the major revision was in response to comments from people on authononomy. Now my hubby, AKA THE EDITOR, is making the pages bleed :( s'okay. Now we can make the story sing with pizazz - or however you spell it :)

I'm keeping busy. Alternating crafts, getting my photos in order. The two main crafts I've been unable to do is painting and scrapbooking. But, I took a turn for the better this week in preparing the way. I've gone through my photos and stuff. One problem I'm having is I keep a major portion of my recent (five years or so) on digital. I went to pull them off my disk and they won't read as pics. I don't know what they're reading as, PVM OR PIM or something, but I can't get to them :((((( major bummer.

I've been quite busy. Besides the rewrites, I've had sick kids who are more than willing to stay home from school, but think they should be allowed to go their friends house after school. Yeah, NO. LOL

My Down Syndrome baby is doing well, despite his stuffy nose. May have to get hi on allergy meds. He seems to do okay for a while than has trouble. The thing with allergy meds, unless I want to dose him up with benadryl all the time, you have to take them regularly. I probably will start him back up on Claritin. I'm going to be doing more walking, so he will be exposed to the outside up close and personal :)

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winds of Fire work

I love Winds of Fire. Keep that in mind when reading this post.

UGGGGGHHHHH LOL I have it on authonomy under Harper Collins. Response has been good, with comments about punctuation and a few cliches that I've already fixed (I think). I'm not good at finding the punctuation and stuff cuz I already know what I mean. Well, I asked my husband for help. All I have to say, is I'm very glad he isn't using a red pen this time!! My poor paper would be bleeding to death. He took an English comp class last semester and now is picking my work apart!! :) I'm glad. The story rocks, so I want nothing to detract from it.

In the meantime... WAAAAAAAAA

But I'm getting some serious work done on it and getting back into my flow. Good luck to the rest of you :)

I also think I found my photo albums, which have been missing. There is still a lot to find, but we're getting there.

I've decided to make quilts for my families Bdays this year and I'm almost finished with Patricks. Edward's Bday already passed, so I'll have to think of something for him :) Nate's is coming up quick. It's at the end of the month. Will have to find soething relatively easy, yet spectacular to put together with the fabric I have on hand.

The baby got his already. Soft flannel fabric. mmmmm. It's a project I finished that was started like 13 years ago! LOL I finally had all the stuff in the same place! Last year, before moving to TX, I finished a lot of old projects. It was my New Year's Goal. It's my goal again this year, but with an addition. It will include my WIPS not just my arts. I'll have to make a list and break things down into smaller pieces. Patrick's quilt is one that I started a long time ago, so that's doing double duty. Will have to work out the rest.

Have a good day :D

Monday, January 18, 2010


I love being in Washington! I wish things weren't so stressful while we look for jobs and stuff but otherwise, it's good to be back in my home state! I still don't have internet access at home, though, so I'm ready to go nuts.

Writing is starting to kick in as we get somewhat settled. However, I still can't find losts of the stuff I left here, so it's stressing me out a bit. I'm glad I'm getting to write again though. it feels good.

Wish me luck :)

Friday, January 15, 2010


So we made it to Washington, not quite in one piece as we had two tire blow outs. We are looking for work and living near the house that burned down with Nate's great Uncle in it. It's kind of spooky. Blogs will be spotty as I can't seem to find a decent carrier to service where we are. I would have to get dial up. And I can't load my work, writing or painting, with dial up.

In the meantime, I'm trying to use different hotspots, right now McDonald's, but I can't afford to eat out all the time :(

My writing has slowed down as we have pulled stuff out of storage and tried to remember where we left everything. It's been a nightmare! One good thing is that I have my craft tools back. It's a matter of getting organized now and I will be going for it.

The day before yesterday my body crashed on me so I finished a quilt I'd started 13 years ago (long story) worked on another one I'd started 6 years ago, and organized my crossstitch. I'm still looking for stuff in my scrapbooking arena, and I don't dare bring home my easel until I have everything organized. I would never get anything done since I don't have the internet to keep me focused on my writing goals :) Plus, I have to edit more, and I needed to take a break from it anyway because it's easier to edit if you come at it fresh.

Kids all seem to be doing well, so that's a relief.