Friday, January 15, 2010


So we made it to Washington, not quite in one piece as we had two tire blow outs. We are looking for work and living near the house that burned down with Nate's great Uncle in it. It's kind of spooky. Blogs will be spotty as I can't seem to find a decent carrier to service where we are. I would have to get dial up. And I can't load my work, writing or painting, with dial up.

In the meantime, I'm trying to use different hotspots, right now McDonald's, but I can't afford to eat out all the time :(

My writing has slowed down as we have pulled stuff out of storage and tried to remember where we left everything. It's been a nightmare! One good thing is that I have my craft tools back. It's a matter of getting organized now and I will be going for it.

The day before yesterday my body crashed on me so I finished a quilt I'd started 13 years ago (long story) worked on another one I'd started 6 years ago, and organized my crossstitch. I'm still looking for stuff in my scrapbooking arena, and I don't dare bring home my easel until I have everything organized. I would never get anything done since I don't have the internet to keep me focused on my writing goals :) Plus, I have to edit more, and I needed to take a break from it anyway because it's easier to edit if you come at it fresh.

Kids all seem to be doing well, so that's a relief.

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