Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 18

I posted yesterday, really I did. However, my internet card over heated. Anyhow, My word count end for last night is 39,770! Yehaw and all that jazz. I'm terribly excited. I was so far behind this time last week (for personal goal. I don't beilve I've ever fell behind Nano's suggested numbers) and now, I will make it to 70k if I do 3k a day everyday. So that means I need a couple of 5k days to make up for Thanksgiving! lol

Also, saw a few of my Nano buddies do some awesome catch up. A few more are on their way to the goal, and a couple have finished! Funny thing is, one is a buddy from last year who had not finished at all, much less early!

I love our group of writers :D Have a great weekend. I plan on blogging this weekend, but I will be sans husband and teenager to help! Wish me luck in my writing and craft endeavors!

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