Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day 16

It's easier for me in the morning, so I may be blogging the day before's info every morning. Please note that that is MY morning. Which today is 1015 only because my husband can't be awake by himself apparently. LOL He says I simply woke up but...

Any hoot, despite many attempts at sabatoge by my 6 yo and quite a few by my other children, minor emergency of my teen (I'm all set to go, I just need my ASB. 25 bucks. Cash.), my husbands bad day at work which meant I needed to spend some extra time letting him vent, and the regular household chores, I passed my daily quota and moved into make up time.

New word count is 34,694! Can I get a big Hell yeah! (That's Word word count. Nano is about 20 words shorter. Which is weird because last year it gave me ten words more than my count. Go figure.)

Wish me luck today. Also, feel free to share your writing experiences here as each day goes by--even if you are struggling or doing Nano. Like exercising, writing is better with a buddy.

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