Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14

Holy cow. I forgot that I had internet troubles so the friday one did not post. I completely spaced it yesterday. Was busy coming out my ears. However, despite the business of grocery shopping, clothes shopping (which I hate!), and dating and all that entails (my husband got me clothes and hair dye LOL) I still managed to write Fri-Sat. I'm just getting started for tonight, so not looking to accomplish a huge amount.

I did, however, have a good date with my husband :) We have been doing better at making time for each other than in the past decade. Maybe we will truly make it to the next decade marker.

My current word count is 26,663 and my heroine is recovering from her demon induced heart failure. What will she find out? First person she sees is the hero's mother. Will she figure out the true evil before it's too late???

Can the hero save her from a fate that makes death look like a walk in the park? Stay tuned for next time on what's my story :D

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