Monday, November 8, 2010

day 7

My husband came home sick yesterday. So you know what I did? I went to the book store :) I got a book written in multiple POV and some christmas presents :) Here comes christmas here comes christmas.

I have large family so have to buy christmas over the course of few months/year. Plus, our health insurance is going to start in dec but so is the payments which will run us 400. about 25% of our take home pay. REALLY sucks. Anyhow,

Word count is around 17,400 right now. I'm hoping to wrap a good 20-23k before bed tonight. Would prefer to be at 24 k, but I doubt it.

My youngest son threw up again today. He throws up like 3 times a week now. Sometimes from coughing. Ususally just because, I guess. My husband said he threw up everyday before school when he was growing up. UGH

Then, my son lost the tums after taking one. He wanted one more and in the course of looking for them, tripped on hearth, caught himself with hand--on very hot wood pellet stove (our highs are expected to get to 40's this week--and had a burn. Husband was on his way to doctor and turned around to come get him.

My life is like that almost every morning (replace burned hand with asthma some days, or something else--fights, rebellion, etc--and you get a life in the day of me. It got old long time ago. And the doctor's wonder why Down Syndrome didn't worry me?? Scoffs. I am prepared. LOL

How did everyone else's weekend go?

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