Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Now, I'm Crying

I can hold back tears of pain, sadness, and betrayal. I wait until the crisis is over. I cried and cried and cried after my daughter got out of the hospital, so thankful she lived. But shed very little, if any, during the process. I cried when I initially heard my brother died, then spent the time until after the funeral doing my grieving. I'm the eldest child, in birth and adopted family. I am a mother. I canNOT have a breakdown when everyone else is. So I wait. Wait until I'm safe to have one. This has many pitfalls. One, there area plenty of people (especially men, in my experience) who don't understand WHY you're crying NOW. Isn't it over? Although, the death of my brother didn't get the disbelief that I was having trouble later. Seems they understood a little better that grief takes a while.

But today, I am crying happy tears. Those are harder for me to fight. I'm so loved and blessed, and sometimes, in the middle of the heartache, it's easy to forget how much. Already, I have been asked for links, or told they are going to buy my book ASAP. But ASAP is next month. I understand money issues and am HONORED that people on a budget are buying my book. Honored. And that makes me tear up.

But, reading the comments that have started to roll in, and the response (ALREADY!) to my guest blog post, well, my cup runneth over! Thank you to all who have made and continue to make this book release awesome!!

Now, go comment and share the love on edittorrent and on the interview blog, loveromanceandmore, (sorry the link didn't work so well yesterday :( but it's fixed on yesterday's blog and here's another go) even if you're buying or have bought it. If you win, you can share it with a friend :) I'll send it where you tell me!

Thank you all my peeps and twitterai!


  1. :D I haz a happy for you!!! :D *hugs*

  2. your happies always make me smile :D *hugs back*