Sunday, April 24, 2011

so it happened again

Another wonderfully funny post down the tubes :( It was extremely funny, IMO, and a perfect light hearted foil to all the drama in the hospital. I swear I could write my own hospital drama from what's happened here.

So now, instead of the lighthearted post I was going to deliver with brilliance and savoir faire, I'm going to give you a not so happy updated and do a little woe is me. If you're not prepared with the cheese and grapes to accompanying my whine, I will wait while you properly prepare yourself.

I have decided the month of April sucks @$$ and I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I don't go off like this often, so bear with me and let it roll of your back like water of a duck.

ON April 3rd, my daughter was admitted to Yakima Regional Hospital. After much procrastination and drama, a surgeon finally looked at my presumed insurance-less daughter. She then proceeded to have four procedures and discovering she has may thurners syndrome and now has two stents in. When she's finally out of the ICU after getting out enough of the debillitating clots to get 95% of her physical proweress in the leg back, she has severe headaches. Well, five days later, she's had a stroke and is having brain surgery. During her recovery time, the anniversary of Grandpa's death passes us on the 19th. My brother's is the 25th.

My daughter's stuff (and please believe me when I tell you that the stuff listed here is the tip of the iceberg.) has subverted my stuff on my brother, but do you know what that means? That means that instead of spending my days releasing a little at a time, immersing myself in my writing, I've been inundated with more stress. Thankfully there has been some that has been happy stress as mentioned in previous post.

I have decided, as I announced on twitter that April is to be given the boot. Then, a good friend suggested I line up the bunnies for sacrificing and maybe April will get the point :D I'm seriously considering it. I'll add zombie bunnehs to the mix for my #zombiesurvivalcrew But something different has to happen.

So join me in trending #effoffApril in memory of my brother, grandpa and in hope for my daughter!

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