Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 6 of Photo a Day

Ha! Bet you thought I forgot. Well, sort of, but not really. I skipped breakfast and lunch cuz tired. Not smart with the way my sugars are, but, it's what happened. Now, what does that have to do with forgetting or not? Today's theme was lunch. Well, I didn't have lunch. So I took a picture of our empty fruit bowl. We eat our fruit fast, but mostly, the apples are in the fridge anyway LOL

So, here's today's Lunch photo. Mayhap I'll title it: The Forgotten Lunch LOL (hey at least it's not a picture of moldy food with that title!! LOL)

I finished writing that difficult murder scene. I'll have to do some major adjustments during edits, but it's out there. It was emotionally draining. So, I cleaned the kitchen (been not getting as much done as I had previous weeks. Sick kids are physically and emotionally draining as it is), washing under the counter top appliances (things kids never seem to do no matter how old they are :P) and rearranging dishes that aren't put away in the right place. And, I painted. I needed to be expressive, not careful, so I tried my hand at abstract. I have a hard time doing abstract cuz I keep trying to make it look like--something. But I was so emotional, I just let it ride. Here are the pics:

This one^^^ is Zombie Madness and the one below is Medicine Man.

Medicine Man is available here in my Etsy Shop. Now, if you don't have an Etsy account, contact me privately and I'll worki with you. Zombie Man isn't available yet, unless you live close enough for personal delivery.

I was telling a writer friend about my painting and writing. If you've been following my blog, you know I NEED to do both. If you're a writer or a painter, then imagine having something you HAVE to do X2. If I go too long without writing, or without painting, I get lost, stressed, and depressed. If I go without both, I'm completely miserable. It's a very symbiotic relationship for me. I can't not do one. I doodle, write on notepads, whatever's handy to get it out. What are some things you do when you can't write or paint for a length of time?

I wrote a few paragraph's today, went through some scenes in my mind, and did what I always do when not sitting at the computer--think about the next time I'm going to write and what needs to happen. LOL

Now, I'm going to do a painting from scratch (probably finish all but minor things) that's 24x30 and if I can still move my arms, I'm going to finish two that have had underpaintings done. Then, when those are finished, I'm going to write. A lot. and paint a little. Today was my day off. :D (I still wrote a bit!) Sometimes, you need to give yourself permission to do that.

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