Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Bet you thought I'd forgotten didn't you?? Nope. Been composing blogs in my head everyday!! This one will go out because my sluggish brain can't function well enough to write :) Wait, that sounds wrong somehow. Hmmm.

I've had sick boys on my horizon last few days. Was on Asthma watch for two nights with the middle child. First time in over a year I've had to do that. Amazing how much easier it is to do when you're not exhausted from having dealt with it way too much already.

I'm hoping my older one doesn't get the nasty cold. It laid his grandpa out flat and that's saying something!! The two younger ones are well on their way to mending, thankfully. I did manage to write though :D

On my FB author page, I posted I did over 17k this past weekish. I was right. I sat down and crunched some numbers, Since last Sunday I did, 2-3k on Traincoach of death to finish it up & sent it off, 14.5k on Dangerous Journey for Splintered Lands, sent it off, edited (read cut) some on Search for Sorren for Splintered Lands (stand alone novel SQUEEE) and still ended up 600+ so probably about 1k there, 2k on a novella I'm working on when my mind needs a break from current work in progress (title is hidden for's an extra project. We'll see how it works out ;P), and 10k on Midwife's Moon that I hope will go for the hot shifters section for Breathless Press. Someone else can crunch the final numbers for me, but I think, I done past 17k last Thursday sometime... LOL

I've posted a few lines from Midwife's Moon on my author page and they really are quite good. The challenge will be to keep the rest of the book up to par. :D The bigger challenge? It's a high heat rating (read sex) and I have sex BDSM done wrong by the main bad people and that's going to be a huge challenge! I have to start off hot and have it detoriate into a scary ball of $#!t to show her slide into madness as the last chains of societal restrictions fall away and her extreme selfishness and power hungery as well as set up she's really not the REAL bad guy of the series as is presumed. It needs to be in there because sex is  how she's controlled her pack and those around her for centuries. Sex followed by kills...

BUT the biggest challenge involved with that is I then need to follow it up with even HOTTER sex between hero and heroine and BDSM done right and I'll need to work hard so the impact is stronger and a relief from what had started out as sexy & turn psycho earlier on is out weighed by the couple. *headdesk* It was not supposed to happen this book (2nd 50k+ or bigger) but the slide needs to be shown and the character only hinted at in book 1 needs to come more to the front... without taking over.

I also need to write another installment for Traincoach of Death, but I am kinda waiting from the editor to see what he likes/dislikes about it before attempting the next one. Well, If I keep up this pace, I'll have plenty finished by the end of the month!! Oh, and guess what else I did this past week??? I PAINTED *dances* :D

How was your week?

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