Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 21

Holy cow. I sat down to do this and got completely distracted by my short MS. Shees. course, I AM trying to get it finished tonight so I can edit tomorrow and send it in. Since I've done some edits as I went, like always, it shouldn't be too bad.

I edit whatever I did the day before to help me find the rhythm and to check for typos, etc. It helps a lot with continuity as well. Sometimes, I just make notes for when I'm doing the major edits, like make sure this thread it finished, this plot point taken care of, etc. Either way, it helps me.

But, I did do Day 21's pic. The theme is Bottle.

A bottle we found doing yard work... anyone have any idea what year it might be from? Circa 1950? LOL Idk. this place is only 30 years old, but the land was here forever. So? Would be interested to find out. and the quilt in the back ground is a halloween quilt I've never finished. Sigh. Maybe this year?

And, good news, I found a sketchbook I've been looking fore... or rather the sketch in it. This is the pic I wanted to take of something I drew:

It is the first time I used watercolor colored pencils. I applied water to the colored pencils and parts of the charcoal to give it different textures. I love it. (Obviously, this is from LOTR!)

Anyways, I have to get back to writing. I'm getting tired. But I want this dang thing finished. Tonight!

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