Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So, you've all heard of stalkers. Most stalkers are creepy, and have nefarious reasons for stalking. I have two that I know are regulars and one part-timer who stalks me on occassion.

Some stalk you cuz they want to cause trouble, others really just are obsessed. What I want to know is, why, if you hate someone so much, would you stalk them? Seems ridiculous regardless of what pissant excuse you make up. Bottom line is, if you can't be honest and follow someone (ESPECIALLY if it's cuz you have blocked or you are blocked by the person) why even keep any sort of contact going? Of course, on my end, it sure helps my blogging numbers.

So FYI, all you stalkers, my traffic sources lets me know who and from where (if not a name, than a location, which, if I really wanted to, I could get a name from) so if I'm feeling threatened in anyway, I will put my uber scary cyber geek on it and he'll find you, I gaurantee it. He's that good.

Now, on to more pleasant items ;)

I've been gardening like a fiend!! And running! I just realized I forgot to do the last couple days of photo a day. Even had it all planned out. Oh well. I started running on Saturday, I'm doing the couch to 5k program. first day ran 1.2 miles, second day (Monday) ran 1.7 miles...without trying!! I was sore from working so hard in friends yard and had some muscle pain in my calves, but I kept going! I can't believe how far I went ;)

My running partner, who is in England, (and yes, it's already proven it works! She went cuz she promised me and I went cuz I promised her when we'd both had rather not. Me rough night w/ kids, her cuz it was raining cold needles.) has raked me over the coals telling me not to push my self so hard. Seriously, no one is as surprised as I am at how far I went!

I used to be so athletic and between emotion crap, asthma, cancer, having babies, jobs, etc, I'd fallen out of shape! And with my thyroid giving me so much trouble, I'm finding it hard to get into shape or lose weight. Well, I've got a 3 month supply (well couple bits short now as I've been taking them) and summer on its way in so I'm getting it done!!

The yard work has really helped me prep. Seriously, I don't think I could have gone a mile if I hadn't been working so hard first on the house, then outside.  Nearly done with all the prepwork I can do until we get some real money in. Except for the fence. That'll take some time :(

Nate's sick and Isaac's nose is starting up allergy crap. I hope when we get everything done, all of us will have less allergy stuff going on. Can't help the colds though. They are what they are and hey, all that cold/bacteria fighting saved us from martians, right? LOL Thank you, Orson Welles.

My other boys are starting to do school again today after much angst and procrastination with breakfast and Isaac. LOL ah, to be young again--NEVER for me ;)

Anyways, we have this awesome possum idea for the boys. Not sure if I mentioned that I was coming to like the idea of them having nothing in the rooms they sleep in, except movies? Well, we're going to do that. Their dressers and a large king size bed in one room, their games and toys and a twin in the other (the twin will be for guests or sick bed) in another and still have a game room for electronics.

I'm excited to have this plan :) I'm trying to get things set up in a way we won't have to change them once we're finished. I got stalled when ran out of meds, then the garden and most of the work I did has been undone ;) Ah well, that's okay, cuz we'd be doing all over again anyway ;)

I have my paperwork ready for Edward now and just need to take it in when picking up meds for Nate since it's at the same clinic. Things are so much better here ;) Patrick was able to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's for few days and that helped boys get a break from each other. Then last weekend, we went midnight bowling with tow of Patrick's friends and got him signed up for baseball and that seems to have really helped! I fear the boys were getting bored with each other's company. I also think it's helped that we've been outside more. I do believe we were all getting cabin fever!! The large amounts of rain during March/April didn't help! ;) But the boys have been fantastic, even when we went to a friends house. Course, we've known these peeps for long time, so that probably helped.

As for me, I have planted GOBS of food, that I'll need to baby along as the ground isn't the greatest, but from which I'm hoping to have enough food to can/freeze to get us through the winter with some left over for sharing!! My sons are all helping to various degrees, but it's all going to come together.

I love going outside and seeing the work I've done. If you knew what it looked like before, you're even more amazed when you look upon it.

Anyways, LOL back to my writing since I've words to make up!

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