Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My repertoire of online presence :)

Time to update all the ways you can stalk follow me :) I have a website where I post some free writing (I know! I'm behind. Haven't posted free stuff in a while and not enough posts!) and updates. It's more formal than my blog as I go on and on adnaseum on my blog :D LOL but then it is about the road to publishing (and after!) as a wife and mother :D so, ANYWAYS.

Here is my FB author page to follow me as an author and I have a bookmark giveaway. Have spent last few days with SOMEBODY, including me, sick. Hopefully will get the bookmarks made :D Or could give them the ones I already have made...

I have my artwork here. It's how I make a little money to try and support my family, especially with all of our medical bills. It's also a great compliment to my writing as I've mentioned a few times... :P

And soon, very very soon, I'll be on this website :D It's my publisher and they have some awesome talent there! Writers, editors, artists, it's amazing. They're wonderful people who really care about their authors. They have m/m and f/f and interracial romances as well. And more than a token selection. Go support them. And trust me, when my book comes, you'll see it :D
Also, on twitter @L_Bushman you'll find me bitching, witching, and stitching. :D I go on about EVERYTHING on there LOL

Whew. I think that about covers it...oh wait. I'm on Goodreads, LinkedIn and Tumbler too. Idk where or how to get to those though :P LOL I finally caved and did them cuz too many of my peeps were on there, but it's just too much trying to keep up with all the sites.

Ta ta for now ;D

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