Monday, May 14, 2012

I did it again.

I kept writing the posts in my head. Honest. But then, by the time I got around to computer time, I'd forget to blog :S lol Well, this week, what have we to tell you?

I did a blurb up, rough draft, for my book coming out July 6th (It's so close!!) called The Ulfric's Mate. (You're either new, or not been reading if you don't know the title and release date, but I still like to say it :) Have to fine tune it. It's a lot like your query. In fact, I used my  query as the starting page.

My book is off to the line item editor, so close to being finished. Little squeaks keep leaving my mouth whenever I think about how close it it to time! I  have a few people who are going to do blogs/giveaway arcs for me :) It's all getting geared up for the big launch!!

I have managed to get in a lot of yardworkd despite having sick children, camping, etc. to do. I've also gotten most of that pesky room redone. Just a few bits on the floor left to sort. Brought in the other boy's dresser and am on 3 of 5 in sorting out his clothes. :) Plus, doing laundry.

One big change I did, was take all the clothes out of 8yo dresser and put them in an open squared cubby hole thing that has 8 cubbies and I can't believe how well it's worked. The 3yo hasn't even messed with it like usual. My 8yo would pull out ALL OF HIS CLOTHES in every drawer when looking for clothes. Drove me batty, made a huge mess and half the time, half-all of the clothes would end up back in the wash! But this new way, he can see everything and make a choice :) He loves it. Thank goodness! It was either going to be a huge hurrah or a freaking bomb. With high functioning autims likely (just need to get through paperwork stuff to see for sure) but similar behaviors already marked, you never know with change.

I've done some editing for CP (have lots more to do!) and did some editing on on old book as my mind is having trouble making my body work. The end of the day, I'm so exhausted from the physical work that I can't get my writing done. At least with the edits, I can do a few pages at a time and feel like I'm getting somewhere. I have written some new words, have lots to map out on this other book. I also need to revamp my book on smashwords with my new editing skills and formatting skills. LOTS OF WORK to do inside and out, but will be loads of fun :)

Planted more beans and roma tomatoes and finally a few flowers :) I got marigolds to keep the animals out of my garden (I've had some problem with getting the leaves chewed off :(( and one of my squach's dug up) the added benefit to that, of course, is they're wonderful in soap :) Hurrah!

I have a column planter my husband made with petunia's in the center at the corner of my tomatoe garden so people don't trip on the boards or smash my plants :) It looks purty. I put the leftover ones at the outside border of the new area I planted w/ roma tomatoes and beans (I'm looking at having a bumper crop of beans!) Will have frozen beans coming out my arse, I think! And tomatoes...oh the tomatoes. Once those start coming... I'm hoping to have over two hundred pounds of them :) think 40 ish plants will work? that's not counting the romas, cherry, or pear toms...I canned over 200 lbs of them the year I was able to really can :)

lettuce is going well :) have some pepper plants, not sure if one's going to make it or not :( Oh well. I have more seeds to plant...this is going to be an interesting year, that's for sure!

How's your garden growing??

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