Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Sunday, did ya know?

LOL the title is really just that. A title. Well, did  ya know it was Sunday today? Ane yes, I'm going to blog. I know it's not a big blogging day, but, been lax on the blogging last week, so why not?
I discovered something about craigslist this week. There's a place for gigs. Now that might not seem like much, but I can already see how it's going to be helpful to me. I already have an addy of someone looking for a kids book illustrator. Will have to do it under a "pen name" because of people's idiocies re erotic writers. (For some idea of what I mean by that, look at how many school teachers are coming under attack for writing about sex. I've posted about it before, so shall refrain from getting on that soap box--for the moment, anyhow.)

But still, anything to help with money, but also to get to do my art :) yeah, that would be awesome! I'm down to very few/little bits of canvases and I've quite painting. However, I've been told by my artist friend that that is wrong! I need to paint like there's an abundance, not shut it off. Also, to do more painting on paper. I'm not so good at that, but maybe I'll do more charcoals/colored pencil types.

I think I mentioned, but I've started running with my CP partner. Now those of you following along at home may be going back through old posts thinking they remember the location of my CP wrong. Nope. She's in England. It's been a week. We run at the exact same time which means in the evening for  her and midmorning for me. We've both ran in the rain, admittedly, mine was a nice drizzle whereas at least one of hers were iced over needle points, I've ran tired, injured, chest hurting, etc. She's running 5-6 times a week. I ran once week before, 3x last week, and I'll do 4x next week.

We've already proven the buddy system works. I think both of us are way better off for being accountable to each other. I know I am. I don't sleep past the time, or get distracted. Believe me, with all that keeps trying to happen at the time I'm supposed to run, that's saying something!!

I may have to walk for part of one of the run times, but I don't care. I'm going  to get back in shape before it kills me. I've wanted to for long time. But it takes emotional fortitude to starte a major change and my emotions were being all used up in life. Have let some emotional baggage go these past weeks and the changes inside of me have been incredible.

Gardening, writing, and even running, have been freed up. When my body gets used to all the extra labor, I'm sure my writing will explode! The ideas are exploding in my head, I'm just too tired to focus on them. But it's a good tired. Not the sick tired of being out of meds. At least I can go outside and see all the work I've accomplished. It's more amazing when you know where I started from and my health conditions to begin with, but even without that, I have three square plots of garden, and now a strip along the fence. Gardening is so amazing and so good for you. At it gives you something back. I'm having to condition the soil and then plant seeds/plants. For me, I feel as if I'm doing something good for the earth and the sky.

I'm not a big super stellar strict person about those things, but we try to recycle most of our cans, reuse boxes/bags, burn the boxes (which some people don't like) but that's to help burn the noxious weeds I pull. Can't even put these in the dump because the seeds spread like wildfire. And these particular weeds choke out all good plants and I'm terribly allergic to them. All good reasons to burn! LOL But also, I use the ashes in conditioning my soil. So, I feel as if I'm reducing garbage, reducing bad, noxious, sick-making weeds, and getting ashes to  help grow new, healthy, life giving plants and trees.

Reduse, Reuse, recycle. I think if we all did this, even on a moderate scale, jobs would be saved along with the planet. ;) My biggest is I reuse and reuse whatever I can :) I have a cut down poptart box that holds my character cards, did you know? LOL made out of rubber bands and a broken wire hanger. How's that for reuse/repurpose? LOL

What things do you do that make you feel good? Or that contribute to the environment? You have any tricks you've found to reuse your old items? Or to keep them out of landfills and turn them to good use like planting?

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