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Dianne Hartsock and Shelton's Christmas

Hi there :) The first victim guest for my Christmas/Holiday madness is Dianne Hartsock. A lovely person in her own right, I think you'll fall in love with her character Shelton. Go here to see where the fun all starts. She's giving one (yes, you can choose-the first to get started or the next one in line)away to a lucky commenter who tells her their favorite holiday music : )

The cover is lovely, as always at Breathless Press, and well worth the lookie-lou here:

But, before you get to read the excerpt, I've asked Dianne to share something special, something of a favorite for the holidays, and this is what she shared with us.

Christmas Eve, My Favorite Part of Christmas

You know that song with the line 'the most wonderful time of the year'? Hands down, Christmas Eve is my very favorite day. At our house, December is the month of Birthdays and Christmas parties galore. Which are fun! Make no mistake. But Christmas Eve is the day to take a deep breath of crisp, pine scented air, enjoy the Christmas lights. Then breath out, relax, and live in the moment.

We always gather at my mother-in-law's house for dinner and presents and fun. The whole family is usually there! She makes clam chowder and these super yummy poppers for dinner. Oh, and homemade fudge and caramel corn for desert. Sigh…

This year will be extra-special for me. Both my children have moved away from home (boo) to go to college (yea!), but this Christmas Eve they'll both be at dinner, then spend the night at home and have Christmas morning with us. Presents from Santa and hot cinnamon rolls and all the rest.

So, I guess what this all comes down to is, having a day of delicious food and fun and time with family exchanging gifts of love is the best part of Christmas for me.

Merry Christmas!!

Thank you for sharing. What a lovely story. :D See? I told you she was great. And finally, I'll quite teasing you guys and let you get on with it. Here's the excerpt from her latest.
Merry Christmas, Shelton

m/m erotic holiday





Can Shelton and Nevil overcome the obstacles of a blizzard, a baby, and one hot redhead and find their way to a merry Christmas? 


Shelton and Nevil have rented a cozy cabin in the mountains in which to spend the Christmas holiday. Tree is lit. Presents sparkle. Shelton anticipates a very merry Christmas indeed. But then a blizzard springs up, landing a sexy redhead on their doorstep looking like trouble in a pretty package.


Tommy brings a message for Nevil, but when he first hits on Shelton in the shower, then offers to drive Nevil to his sister's side while she has her baby, Shelton begins to wonder just how this mixed up Christmas is going to end.




Shelton snuggled into the soft quilts, safe and warm while the wind howled against the thick walls of the cabin. A stray gust blew down the chimney, causing the flames to dance and crackle behind the screen. Firelight flickered on the ceiling and Shelton watched it mingle with the blue and green reflections from the Christmas tree in the corner.


The clock on the mantle chimed midnight and he smiled. Christmas Eve. Nevil snorted and moved restlessly and Shelton rolled to his side, spooning up against the sleek body that even after two and a half years together could still drive him crazy with need. His darling sighed and settled back into sleep, and Shelton nuzzled his neck, pleasantly sore and sated from their earlier lovemaking.


His face heated as he recalled the things his lover had done with him. Shelton pressed his forehead into his darling's shoulder blade, slightly embarrassed even though Nevil slept and didn't see him. They'd spent the day cross-country skiing, then returned to the cabin and warmed up in the shower. Afterward, they sipped a bottle of wine in front of the fireplace.


Nevil had stolen a candy cane from the tree. "Desert," he explained, settling into the quilts with an arm across Shelton's bare shoulders. Shelton watched the red and white stripes disappear between his lover's perfect lips and his dick thickened. Nevil caught his rapt gaze, leaned over, and gave him a peppermint kiss.


"Taste?" he asked and held the candy to Shelton's lips. Shelton caught the cane between his teeth and his darling gasped slightly as he sucked with purpose on the sweet end. "Oh, lord," Nevil said, sounding breathless, and pushed Shelton down and straddled him. His hard cock pushed against Shelton's stomach when he stretched across him and licked at the cane still caught in his lips.


Removing the candy, Nevil gave him a deep, lingering kiss, then pulled back, a gleam of mischief in his eyes. "I know somewhere else I'd like to stick this," he confessed and gave the candy a provocative lick.

Shelton blinked, though he shouldn't have been surprised by anything Nevil's wicked imagination suggested. "I'm not sure..."


His sweetheart chuckled, but his voice was a caress when he bent to Shelton's ear and whispered, "Let me pleasure you, love."


Dianne Hartsock




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