Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello there :D

It's good to be back on. Now, even with the advent of blogger being gone for most of yesterday, I told my husband that people still managed to get to my blog. He said they were people from the CIA LOL that even with blogger down, they could get to me :P

I think he's been reading my MS again LOL

My CP really likes my MS in the fppt (first person present tense) so I did a little digging. And all recent books that I've bought have been in first person (past tense verbs)and really, that's where I kept trying to go. I spent a lot of editing time making it fppt and now will be going back the other way. I thought I had lots of time, but I've already received a negative on it! So, might not have as much time to fix a problem I didn't know I had until now. UGH but, at least now I know. FPPT is apparently not a well liked form of POV writing.

My story is so good that it'll still be good as I rock the changes. Sound a bit conceited? Well it's the truth. I've had books I've liked before, and felt I could make them workable, sellable, what-have-you, but this one has been special. Maybe we'll see how special.

All the time, I'm learning new things. it all affects my writing on one level or another. But how many times do we over correct? I'm hoping I'm not making that mistake with this book. We shall see.

I'm nearly finished with changes in first chapter. I'll post here for today's excerpts:

Gal Friday Noir:

My hair is stuck to the side of my face, the drying sweat making me uncomfortable. I'm already pissed off because I don't know what's happening with my kids. Pissed and uncomfortable are not good bedfellows. Not that these assholes care. I need a shower, for starters. Maybe a nice, rare steak ready for when I get out of this hell hole and back to my kids. At least they let me have my smokes.

I looked at man in the suit gazing down at me. I felt his distaste as a palpable thing. I'm dressed in what I call my 'day clothes' since they nabbed me in broad daylight with no warning. Believe me, that wasn't easy. Acid-wash jeans, old t-shirt and Nikes made up my public persona, my mom face. But that wasn't the person they were looking for.

No. They wanted the person in the file they were holding. I lean back on the old wooden chair and put my feet up on the matching desk. I'd a moment's unease as I wondered if the brown stain was coffee-or blood. These men were an unknown to me.

The blue suit, as I thought of the slightly shorter, more dour of the partners, held my file. I identified it from my stint in the military hospital after some freak biological substance leaked in my neighborhood. I recognized the special symbol on it.

So what do you think? It's the newly revised first person. It's also the beginning of my book. You like it? Feedback please :D

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