Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yo Yo

So much of life is ups and downs for me right now. I've almost forgotten what it feels like to be on cruise control :D

Writing has been on back burner for two days. I had a really bad headache yesterday. After five minutes on the computer, I'd feel sick, so I did a bit of hit and run on twitter yesterday and concentrated on my art side of things. Printing out pics when I could stand the computer, and cutting, taping and laminating the stuff together when I couldn't. I did get a few things done...until I ran out of tape. What happened when I ran out of double sided tape?

Well, I had to stop and did some clean up. I love how my art and writing work together for me. Being out of tape is like being out of words. I might have these wonderful characters and ideas, but if the words are lost, they're going to sit there in a jumble until I can organize them and tape them all together to form a cohesive thought.

Sometimes, having that day off can rejuvinate my writing. And it will. I'm feeling it now. I'm going to write the first installment of the serial for splintered lands so we can get that up and running. I'm also going to watch some Doctor Who or Supernatural depending on what mood I'm in when I sit down to do some paper edits.

Then I'm going to REWRITE the MS I just finished. I learned something new about frist person and the difference between it and first person present tense (didn't know there was a difference. UGH) So, wish me luck in my endeavors. One day I will pay it forward as it has been for me.

As writers, we all pay it forward. There is so much free advice out there--some of it's even good :P --and we all give freely. We want each other to succeed, even as we want success for ourselves. Of course, like any group of people there are bad seeds out there; you just hope you don't fall under the shade of anything that grows from that seed and that you stay under the boughs that grew from the seeds of knowledge of the rest who want your success!

I wish you and yours peace and prosperity as we move forward. Especially to my friend who's grandpa has cancer. Love Ya little sis of my heart...

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