Friday, May 27, 2011

The voices in My Head

I'm working on edits now for The Splintered Lands anthology. Yeah!! Also working on other edits/new scene writing. Still working on voice now. I have to wonder how other writers do it. You send an MS off for subbing then write other stuff. Each MS improves/changes depending. And I'm having a hard time shifting gears from hard ass zombie thriller to Paranormal romance. The biggest difference is the main characters.

One's a tough broad who kills zombies. The other is a doctor/healer caught up in the midst of a war that has gone back generations. She's also an outcast in many ways and only accepted into her pack (werewolves) cuz she's a healer and another pack member has foreseen that she'd bring the Ulfiric of the rival pack to them. Much different characters. Both strong but in different ways. And right now, due to my personal life, the warrior persona is easier for me to identify with.

AS an EMT and mother of kids with special needs and serious health issues, I can normally identify fine w/ my healer character. It's why the voice was so awesome to the editors who liked it. I am having some luck w/ reading out loud to find voice. Will do more tonight when my childrean are at MILs house!

Oh and the Splintered Lands anthology?? Is a fantasy. So talk about different voices LOL Yes, I'm crazy. I love to write. I write what I want to write. Maybe that'll change when I get an agent/bookdeal, but for now, it's just me. I love to read all genres. I do mean ALL genres. Therefore, I write in all genres.

So, here's to a weekend of many different voices and lots of artwork. (I hope! I put my Etsy stuff on a Memorial Day Weekend sale :D Wish me luck lol)

How's your weekend shaping up? How many voices do you get to hear this weekend! LOL

How strongly do your real life emotions affect your writing? How well do you categorize things? I'm normally pretty good at it. It's why I can write so many genres. I'm having to look for a way now to put it back in the box, when normally, it's easy. Does that ever happen to you? How do you deal with it?

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