Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Holy Cow

Just as I think things are looking up and I might not be a complete tech idiot, blogger goes balmy on me. Sorry if you haven't gotten replies on your comments yet. I can't seem to get out of the loop for anything I can't do directly from the dashboard. Confused? So am I!

Anyways, I've been so excited and wanted to let everyone know I have a serial posted on the Splintered Lands website :D

I've started writing again today and I can feel the wheels slowly turning as I dump some of the "elbow grease" I've managed to store up during this time "off" from actual writing. I did do some social networking and learned some stuff about how to update things on my websites, so I only took one day completely off :)

My kids had a good attitude day today for the most part, and that helps a lot. I hope to get the attitudes curbed around here from the teenagers' angst of being P!$$y about doing chores and helping with the younger kids. My ten yo has gotten TONS better since my eldest moved out and is slowly progressing to better, or more like a 10 yo instead of a teenager.

With Spring Cleaning Time upon us, I'm really glad to have his attitude be more family oriented. I'm going to need his help with everything even though I've kind of started the cleaining round up a little earlier this year when putting in new floors. This is the time when everything gets thrown away if it's not fixed, I don't want to fix it, or it'll cost too much to fix. Watch out STUFF. Here we come LOL

Speaking of spring cleaning, are their habits you need to fix or get rid of? Things that need repairing that you haven't gotten around to? I have a REALLY bad habit of over using the same word in a paragraph. I've decided I'm going to spring clean that out of my writing. It won't be perfect, but it'll hopefully make my CP less crazy!!

What about you? Do you have a habit or problem that needs spring cleaning as much as your closets?

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