Friday, May 6, 2011

This close

I'm so close to finishing my Gal Friday Noir! Life is trying to keep me from writing to my hearts content, but my mind will wander and do as it will. I'm writing, I'm thinking, I'm caressing my story in my mind. It's what keeps me sane during such crazy times.

Many work so know what I mean. You might have to put all your concnetration into work, but the minute you have any free mind time, it wants to write. It wants to worry on that small plot problem and how you're going to resolve it. Or you're thinking of how you're going to get your heroine out of trouble and not make a baby out of her or your hero.

The mind wants what it wants. And my mind doesn't want to contemplate the danger my daughter's in at the moment. It wants to contemplate the future, and my other children. It wants to contemplate the love of the family and friends that are out there. It wants to comtemplate the wonder of having someone care enough to wake up 22 doctors in the middle of the night to help us!!

Thanks to all of you who've helped me keep looking to the future and keeping my writing in the forefront so I can keep my sanity.


  1. Myself, I have just finished the final final ultra anal edit of my second book. It is ready to go 'Locked'n Loaded' so to speak. But I'm not stopping there. Even though the weather is depressing to the point of tears, I'm going to pull my first book polish it up some more, then republish as a special edition. I've just got to do something to fight the lack of sunshine and from past experience I know that actual creative writing is jut not it. So it is hyper editing for me at least until the weather gets brighter.

    Yours Lez
    Just a rant

  2. OMG you must know my critique partner! I just did the first chapter with her. Two times with pages full of red! Although the second time was more explaining why than actual corrections! *whew* then my husband weighed in.

    I'm still fixing his edits. :P Good luck with your edits! Our weather had been grey of late, but I love the rain and we needed it :) Although, we've had plenty with a nearby golf course and my kids' favorite park underwater, I'm sure the rain can stop now and make everyone happy!

    Here's to Sunshine! (I used to say if I was born in a different century, I'd be a sun goddess :D)