Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is stress stopping you?

So after posting my Friday excerpt, I read it. And guess what I found? Errors. Yep. That's the problem with changing tenses :P

Oh well, I think I fixed them. We shall see. Waiting to hear from the lovely Anne-Mhairi or my other reader who was kind enough to explain all the POV issues. I'm trying to convince myself I'm not going to destroy this one during edits which is my worst quality as a writer. I have a paranormal that I have specific recommendations of what to do (not put an i her or an e here but add to this part of the story, etc.) and I'm afraid of messing that up as well LOL

I need to breathe and do it. Part of the problem is my family really needs the money, so I'm feeling the pressure twice as bad. I can't afford to mess up my two best stories I have going on right now.

Anyone out there have that problem? Does money or time pressure you into being afraid of messing up? For me it's not time, but I've heard that can be bad. Share with me your stories and what you do to decrease your stress-besides eating chocolate. I can't do that 24/7. My hips have vetoed that option! lol What do you all do to relieve stress?


  1. Sometimes I write about it. Sometimes I rant to my friends who talk me down and give me wine. Or virtual cookies, depending on how far away they live!

  2. @Anne-Mhairi :D Ranting is good. It can sometimes release the vent so more drastic measures aren't needed!! :D *hands virtual chocolate chip cookies* I like the friend who gives you wine. I'm going to have to come visit and bring real cookies for y'all!