Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday Excerpts--Gal Friday Noir

Well, technically it's Saturday, but I didn't have access to my stories or the internet at the same time yesterday! :D

Exerpt from Gal Friday Noir: Mayhem in Mexico (newly finished at 82k!!) ahem, excuse me while I squee. Okay, I'm back :)

Main character knows her kids have been kidnapped but hasn't seen them yet. (This is a zombie thriller, although you don't get to see them here.) As you'll see, this doesn't make momma happy!

I stare at Gene, sure that my anger is visible on my face. My teeth hurt because I'm clenching them so tight. But just in case he needs a little motivation, I let out the full force of my Immune powers. My anger flows out so strongly, that even Joseph steps away from me.

The two guards that came out of the same office as Andrea at the time I unleashed my anger both duck and stay down as if they had incoming. Andrea and Gene on the metal landing above us step away from the railing in shock, their backs hitting the other side with a twang. Gene quickly recovers and steps up to his previous position.

"Of course you'll see your kids immediately." He nods at the men who'd stepped out a minute ago and they two time it to a door hidden in the shadows under the stairs where they stand. I pay close attention to the knock, memorizing the pattern and the words spoken.

Two men come out, each dragging a screaming kid. I smile with great pride. Both my boys are putting up a fight. "Don, Kyle," I call out joyously and run towards them. The boys stop for a moment upon hearing my voice then both stomp on the feet of their captors and rush out of their grips into my arms.

"Are you guys alright," I ask searching their faces and bodies for sign of mistreatment. They look fine. Lucky Andrea.

"We're bored. And they're awful, mom. Can we go home now?" I grin at Kyle.

"Sure baby, in a minute," I point to the men who'd brought them out of the room. "Are they your kidnappers?"

Kyle looks at them and says, "No, they're alright. They think we're here being punished while you're doing your work." He changes to a loud whisper. "They're nice but a little slow."

I bark out a short laugh of surprise. "If it wasn't them, then who was it?"

"The guys who knocked to get us right now. Those guys are assholes."

"Assholes, assholes, balls, balls," starts Don in a sing song voice when I don't immediately take Kyle to task for cussing.

"Don, hush." I turn to the men who brought out my kids. "Where's their sitter?"
They look at each other blankly, but I see the smirk on one of the men who'd come down the metal staircase. "Where is she," I repeat.

"She's at the main house getting special treatment," one of them say snidely.
"You better hope special doesn't mean what I think you mean by it, Ace. You're already dead. If she's been hurt, I'll make you suffer first."

He starts to laugh but something about the way I'm looking at him makes him stop. I see him reassess me. Up to this point, he's been working on the assumption I'm a chump writer. I'm thinking he's not so sure of me anymore. He will be when I'm through with him. He'll have a whole new respect for mothers and writers. Too bad he won't live long enough to appreciate it.

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