Wednesday, May 4, 2011

happy days

Acutally, I'm thinking of the future. I have to the way things are going in my family right now.

However, I had an editor tell me to resubmit a story after fixing stuff. WAY COOL. So now I have to do this. The best part is it's started as a short I wrote to fit Nocturne Bites word guidlines so couldn't explore the story as much as I wanted. One of the things I wanted to do was explore more of the things they want done :D

In the midst of everything, thinking of the future is all that gets me through things and having people want my writing, like the Splintered Lands folk, and now this, is an affirmation that there are happier times to come and for everything there is a season.

As my mom said, this has been a long horrible ordeal, and honestly, I don't know of any non-cancer type thing that is this up and down and oh shit this works for that but causes this problem and in and out of ICU and not ever leave the damn hospital.

Hope. Hope is why I write. It's why I read. It's why I paint. It releases stress and proves there is hope for the future. So, as a former Cunningham, I'm going to tell you, Happy Days are coming back! soon.


  1. I am so glad that you are seeing everything with a positive outlook. I truly hope this month gets better for you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you until Ashley makes a full recovery.

  2. Hope is often the only reason we have to get up in the morning. You're doing well.

    Love you, hun.

  3. Things will get better. This surgery will get rid of this clot and hopefully everything will work out. Love ya chick!

  4. @Danni Thanks :) I have to! I have other children at home (as you know) and they need their mom. So, though I have moments, I have to bounce back.

    @AnneMhairi Yes, it is. Some days, I have to look for the hope, but with friends and family, I can find it!

    @The Purple Witch Hopefully everything does work out! Love ya too :D