Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New website is up!

So I posted on my new website :D Yes, yes I did! A comedy erotica. It's on it's own page with a don't read if you're under 18 disclaimer. I've already gotten some good feedback on the story. It is funny!

I'll be doing more shorts and a even a serial for my fantasy friends :D I'll take requests even :D Can't promise I'll be able to fill all the many and varied requests I get, but I'll try :D

I've had a couple orders on my etsy which I'm very glad I started :D It's inspired my husband and family to do things as well. My son, who already had started making pictures to buy as soon as I mentioned the idea to my husband, went into a frenzy of picture making. We've also done a class project with the laminator after my husband was inspired to make pics with clip art for the baby's drawers to help everyone keep it straight and teach him what things are.

I've also found some good feedback and help with it that reminded me at a time I sorely needed it that I have friends. Good friends! They may be from the bowels of cyberspace, but they've proven truer and more real to me than some closer at hand. (I have a couple close by as well so don't think I'm dissing on you!)

I have finished putting the paper edits on the paranormal I need to turn into a novella/novel along with the notes of where to add scenes into the computer. That sentence needs editing, but for the life of me I can't think of how else to say it. Anyways, I've also edited severely for like the hundreth time chapter one of Gal Friday Noir as well as a rewrite, and started the tense fixing of the rest of the novel. Found some good tricks as well :D Should be ready by the time an agent actually asks for a full anyway LOL

I love being so productive. Tomorrow I'll go through the paranormal on paper again and start writing scenes by hand. I shall have to be careful of my writing as I could barely read the chicken scratch I used last time!! I have become so adept at cyber writing that my handwriting skills have suffered. No more! I tell you. NO more! I shall have lovely handwriting skills. *stops for the laughter to die down* I can dream, ya' know.

I've already got the traitor mapped out etc because I was going to use it in a sequel anyway. See, when I wrote this short, i'd intended it to be a series of shorts over this one story. The things the editor has asked me to put in are things I'd plan on addressing in future works. So it's only a matter of getting them written and inserted at the proper place. A huge chunk will go in middle and at the end. But I'm flirting with the idea of having a few chapters from the POV of "the bad guys" which is why I'm doing another paper edit so soon. I think it'll help me find the appropriate places for chapter breaks and inserts.

Anyway, my child is actually asleep at 10:46 pm with no movie or coercing. Score 1 for MOM :D and DAD LOL so I think I'm going to hit the hay a little early tonight!! I hope everyone's day goes well and you all are productive where you want to be.

PS don't forget about my website :D love to see you there!

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