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Where I rant about people being rude in their opinions: specifically about sex in books and the people who write them :D

Here's a topic guaranteed to get people going-there differences. Recently, some huge terrorist figurehead and mastermind was killed. Can anyone guess who? Yeah, you guessed it. People's reactions are diverse and people's feelings and reasons for their reactions and feelings are just as divers.

Please remember, we are a free country. People should not be villified because their responses aren't the same as yours. Celebrate the right to freely express yourself without demeaning another expression of emotion. :D

This brings up something else--writing. There are many people against sex in books. Even Harlequin has a line that will not accept it. It's their Christian line. There are guidlines, more than one set, about what types of books are "Christian" and which don't fill the bill. I think this is a wonderful tool for people who don't want to read it themselves.

However. There's always a butt in there somewhere :D

The recent "scandal" involving a teacher who writes books with sex scenes in it has brought up quite the brooha. What gives anyone the right to say what someone else does outside of the classroom. It's not illegal. She didn't write that book on how to be a pedophile. Nothing in her teaching role was disrespectful. We teach sex ed in grade school and middle school. Why are people having trouble with a teacher who includes a scene in her work? What happened to the freedom to speech aspect? Are teachers supposed to quit having sex as well?? Really people.

A lot of time, energy and money is being wasted on a bruha over someone who's done nothing wrong. Get a life. Better yet, use those energies to fight true wrongs in our system. Use that energy to go give succor to the homeless, feed the hungry, I'd say volunteer at your local library but that might tempt you to start burning books next.

I'm sorry. That last statement was full of snark. I've tried to keep it down but prejudices like that are what keeps people from being able to be open and share their problems (ie rape, incest, etc) because they're afraid they'll get blamed for it. I mean, if a teacher writes about sex and gets in trouble, how much more trouble will the poor kid who's been raped and talks about sex be?? It's not the way it should be, but it's the way it'll be perceived by anyone looking for help.

So keep a lid on it if you don't like a certain kind of writing. Go buy up hundreds of books that have no sex in them to donate to your local library. Teach your kids your beliefs. Express your beliefs on a blog if you want. But don't go getting people fired because of what they do on their own time. You're crossing the line from freedom of speech to yelling "Fire!" in a crowded room when there isn't one.

Express yourself by choosing not to buy that type of book. Express yourself by writing your own book with no sex in it. Say you don't like that type of book. There are many ways for you to express your opinion that don't have to be hurtful and vindictive.

I'm using this as an example because I have no idea who this person is, or even remember the name of the teacher. I just live in an area that is just as bad and would likely treat her the same way. So, let's try not to let this kind of crap happen again.

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