Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 9 photo-sunset

Well, we didn't have much of a sunset and my hands wouldn't quit shaking and the thing I was standing on so I could see the sky, well, it was shaking too! LOL here it is, this evenings sunset (you REALLY have to look for the little itsy bitsy piece of pink in between the cloud lines. I know it looks kinda blue in the twilight, but that's not sky. It's clouds. Sigh.

LOL it looks like blus sky...maybe I'm wrong...maybe the pink was the clouds that were left...earlier it was mostly clouds... :P grrr

I painted two paintings today, Passion Restrained or Restrained Passion. I keep going back and forth! lol

With a close up of the flower:

And I don't  have title for this one, but it's done from a photo I took while on the way to or from Cannon Beach at Multnoma Falls. It's gorgeous, if I do say so myself :P LOL It just came together like it's supposed to! If only this chapter I'm writing would do the same!

I can prove I've been writing cuz when I took my day off, I had 12,600ish and now I'm at 15, 400ish. Just slow going today!!! I finished the chapter after the difficult one but it feels sort of stilted. I'm hoping the painting will have released the rest of my inhibitions to go deep and now I can dive in again!! I posted a small blurb of the last chapter on my FB page. It's not as striking as the others, but it's a pivotal moment. The heroine, Lisa, has been pushed to face her past, not hide from it and is getting  help from a roommate/patient/friend staying at her house. I'm hoping to push her a little more in the rewrite. Now, back to poor Lance...

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  1. buahahahah I looked at wrong day :D Today was supposed to be younger you...going to have to post that tomorrow along with another try at the sunset!! LOLOL Sigh.