Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Writing while sick

I've been sick lately. Sinus infection type stuff. As I get this all the time, writing has been easy enough, and my tone has been fine. Well, it has moved into my chest. Still used to that, so wasn't to upset, but now the lymph nodes under my arms seem to be infected. Damn and double damn. I've had a full body "sinus" infection before and it's not pretty. Explains why I feel so down. Last couple of days of not enough sleep has combined to make me feel BLAH.

So, how do you keep writing when you're sick like that? I do. Sometimes, I do lots more edits. But I have a goal. I have to have rough draft finished my March 15. No excuses. Right now, I'm on pace as I'm about 25% finished and we're about a quarter of the way into this challenge. I can do it. But only if I don't slack.

What's that mean? I'm so "not in the mood" to write. I want to lay around and watch movies. I did slack of a little yesterday. I wrote only couple hundred words, and did some editing. I can't do that today. It means buckling down and writing. Period. Even if I think it sucks a$$ and erase it all later. I may get good plot point out. I may just be helping instill good habits. Who knows. The point is, I have to write today.

So, here's me, doing the routine, getting things moving, so I can write. Have y'all found your routine yet?


  1. I don't function well when I'm sick, but maybe that's because I'm a boy. We like to whine and complain during those times.

    I'd give yourself a few days to rest. Writing takes lots of mental energy and for now it might be better to divert that energy to getting well.

  2. Rest, my dearie. Let things kick around in your head, and when you feel better, you'll have lots of ideas to act upon. ;-)

  3. @andrew Thanks. I ended up only writing few hundred words last few days. Really feeling icky and unfocused.

    @sharon good advice. and exactly what I'm going to do. Thanks :)