Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Critique Partners and Beta Readers

Recently, I have found a few beta readers. I love my beta readers. They're concise, insightful and all have different strengths. I've got one I can hit up for short spurts, I think. I've got one who is strictly a reader not a writer. And hello to my new daily writing partner/critique partner, Anne-Mhairi!

Because of the input of my beta reader I have started out a new WIP so strong in it's rough (Yes Anne-Mhairi I did send you the rough draft :) that my husband had to say it was good and he is cranky critiquer. He expects me to be awesome out of the starting gates. I only let him read first five pages. Mostly cuz my beta reader had a full he was working on and I needed some feedback that the new story was as good as it felt.

Along the way of my personal journey that has had pain and stress as you've likely read about, I found Anne-Mhairi. She's got a fantastic fantasy going that I can't wait to finish, and together we are holding each other accountable. I'm telling my friends here, so they can help her hold this stubborn, opinionated, procrastinating writer accountable :D

Here's the deal: 5 chapters a week, plus any editing. When we finish our stories, I guess we'll have to change that up a bit, but for now, both of us are early in our WIP.

Now here's the extra bit for me. I have a returned full MS back from my beta readers I forgot to mention my mother-in-law. Technically, she is a beta reader as well :D Her strengths are finding my damn inconsistencies. I'm really glad she can, but I hate that they're there to find! LOL She is the awesome support system from my husband's family that has GREATLY helped me over the years.

I have to edit this full MS and get back to editor who really likes the premis. This is the Damian series. It started out as short story that was asked to be turned into novel to remind everyone. Novel is going through final edits now. This ought to keep me busy for awhile. You think?

So say hello to Anne-Mhairi at her new and very popular blog! It's wonderful that a writer can start off with so many to follow and support her in that way. I hope you all are there as well! :D Here is the link to her latest blog. Sorry I haven't figured out the fancy html code yet!

I expect you all to be asking me how I'm keeping up and poking me if I start to fall behind, even if I'm busy!! Although, I draw the line at cattle prods! I need to write the story while I have it in my head, and I need to edit the other and get it to the editor. So, here's to having work to do and friends to help us along the way!


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  1. Speaking of prodding, have you sent me today's installment, because I haven't seen it yet!! I sent you mine about an hour ago, so make like the Post Office and send :)

    And thank you for being such a sweety. I don't know where all those followers came from, but they just keep on coming!!