Monday, February 7, 2011

Damian series

My Damian series, the one where he is the Devil's son, has officially started. LOL My first complete novel (upgraded from a short through much sweat, tears and blood)has started trickling back from readers, and the over all impression is good :) some technical issues to take care of, but the end is in sight. At least the end until a professional editor gets ahold of it and "suggests" things to bring it inline with house rules. LOL

Wow. I realized I'm saying when, not if. That's how good I feel about it. I have set up the next book in it as well, now to find the initial conflict around which the couples have to work. I already know the personal problems they have to overcome. Need to set up the outside obstacles. First, though, I will be finishing my Gal Friday Noir initial book. It is awesomesauce in the making.

I'm excited to have so many good projects. I'm grateful that I have the ability to produce so much as it is a wonderful stress reliever. I can easily write 3-5 novels a year (fantasy and sci-fi are longer) plus edit, and research agents. My biggest block right now is my inability to write awesome query letters without extensive help, and the synopsis. For example, the Damian series is a paranormal erotica and I forgot to include the sex angle at all. only the subject line referred to it being an erotica.

As for synopsis, well, each agent/publisher wans a different length, so I don't even know where to start with that!! *sigh* It's okay. More learning, more stretching, more growing. I love the writing world!

However, I'm sick right now and can't concentrate. May be the sickness, may be the lack of thyroid meds (which is corrected, but takes time to catch up), or more likely, may be the combination. I'm thinking of penning a ballad to my over worked sinuses. LOL

How is everyone's writing going? Any one else have issues with queries? If you're one of those who DON'T have issues, please share :) Tell us how you do it, and any tricks you know. Mine is to go to CJ Redwine and take her Query workshop. I've already informed her that I shall no longer be putting out queries until I can take a workshop from her LOL

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