Thursday, February 24, 2011

Story on Meds or Waving a Magic Wand

As most of my twitter followers have gathered, I'm on a long dose of antibiotics as well as benadryl, sudafed and saline flushes. This got me to thinking. Yeah, I know, I'm weird. But since I can't focus on my writing my creative weirdness needs to vent somehow.

You see, I've read the last few hundred words I wrote while sick. Not pretty. Plot is okay, structure is okay, but there is no oomph. Apparently I write like I paint--expressionist impressionist LOL If I'm not feeling it, you'll get the impression with no real feeling.

That's what's happened in my last chapter. I may leave it and go on to finish the story since there are no major plot issues. I can fix the lack luster in edits. I'm sure my critique partner will fix the lack luster in no time :) I have a wonderfully honest, yet positive Critique Partner. Have I told you all how much I love her? Between my MIL beta reading since the beginning of my serious writing stints, my new beta readers, and my Critique Partner, I'm starting to feel like a professional writer LOL Sorry, off topic, but I heart these peeps!

As I'm moaning and groaning my way through day, trying not to be a Narcissistic Nancy, I got to looking at that chapter and wishing I could put it on antibiotics. Maybe some sudafed. And a saline flush. Figured I'd skip the benadryl since it's sleepy enough :P

How many times as a writer do we wish we could wave the magic wand? Too many. What if I could wave a wand and fix all? I wouldn't learn for one thing. My brain would stagnate. And that doesn't guarantee that a reader will like my story. Also, I'd lose that contact with my beta readers. I wouldn't have gotten so close to my critique partner who has turned into a lovely friend.

So when you're moaning and groaning about having to edit your writing, or weeding your garden (I wish, I'm ready for spring!), or plain old having to redo something, think twice about that magic wand or wishing you could flush it :) Who knows what you might miss?

Writing. It's more than a book, it'a an adventure.


  1. Hi Leona!

    You say: Writing. It's more than a book, it's an adventure.

    I say: So true! It's the personal adventure of an individual to share their piece of specialness with the world. The way you talk, think and write is unique - that's what comes out of a person creatively.

    The way I look at it? You learn more from your weaknesses than you do from your strengths. And how can you examine either of those, if you rely on a magic wand? ;)

    Great post! Take care!


  2. Good point! Hope you feel better soon! Xoxo
    -Ellie Ann