Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. It is the middle of the business week. I have done very little writing this week. I've been playing. Working on my homeschool stuff and writing a paragraph here and there. I had trouble getting character from A to B without losing momentum. I did okay. Will have to up it a bit during editing process. Now I have a problem. She's at point B and there's a problem. Of course there's a problem. You can't have zombies without a problem or two. Somehow, I've lost the immediacy of the problem. It's all in one POV. Last few have been omniscient or at least 2 peeps POV. So now, I have to go be all different and do it from one person's POV. Wouldn't want things to get all easy now, would we?

So, as I'm stuck, I've done some playing with my friends, networking, and crocheting. Yes, I crochet, in case you missed that before. I sort of forgot that I hadn't done this afghan yet for my Husband's birthday, which is now past, so have some serious hooking to do...

*scratches head* something in that last paragraph is jumping up and screaming at me. Anyhow, I will have to get busy tomorrow, or do some serious editing so I can do a short excerpt on Friday :) I have decided definitively to self publish my sci-fi fantasy stuff and concentrate on the other stuff with agents. *Sigh* sometimes it's rough being so prolific. *runs and ducks from the flying books and laptops from the fellow writers*

I'm also an artist. I'm going to design covers and release two books stimultaneously, I think... in about a month, unless I can squeeze photoshop and website out of the budget friday...

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have supported me and the other authors we have in our community! I will be referencing back to the Feb 1 post to help those writers throughout the month. Please go support them as they work hard to put out quality...


The Ellipsis Dragon Queen


  1. LOL @ "have some serious hooking to do"

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  4. Since single pov means you have more time to walk around in that single characters head, there are a couple of tricks to control momentum. Flashbacks is a good one, puting memories of similer situations or training in a scene; inner dialogue is another, though usually better for slowing down a scene, not speeding up. Maybe losing the immediacy of the problem means its not to immediate? Could another situation arise to pick up the pace? Just a couple thoughts, love you sweetheart :)

  5. LOL that comment that ends in sweetheart is from my husband. Our computer is having an identity crisis right now. He did finally get the computer to acknowledge him as a separate person, but it won't let him comment. I'm showing him how to use the google post things now :)

  6. @Donovan I figured you'd get it, if you were able to pay attention that long...

    @Nate (not me!) that's a good idea... Thanks for the comment! love you too!!

    @me yes we are talking to ourselves now. Can't help it since we are royal. All part of the package.