Thursday, February 17, 2011

You up for a challenge?

As everyone and their brother knows, I'm busy. Busy is a way of life with big families. However, Part of the business is the business of writing.

What did you think a career in writing would be? Me, I imagined writing in solitude,kids playing and swimming off the dock (I always had kids in my imagination) while I wrote pen and paper style. Obviously that is not how it's done anymore. More and more it's turning to networking, advertising, and doing things the writer wasn't expected to even have an inkling about 30 years ago.

What happens? I think one of the things that has happened as a result of this push for writers to do more of their own branding, is they're spending less time writing. More time is going into being availabe for things like FB and twitter and less is spent doing whatever it is each writer does for inspiration and focus on the story.

Also, authors like Racheal Vincent (Yikes, I hope I spelled Racheal right??)end up spending time protecting themselves from pirates. Which also translates into less time writing. Pirating is a story for another day, so have run this one off quickly. Anyway, so many things work together to pirate *hehe* our time away from writing.

My point here is this:

We authors spend so much time doing what we're supposed to do, we forget to WRITE. Well, my critique partner and I are not going to let this happen. We're writing fools, you might say. We have decided to finish our books rough drafts by March 15. (no minimum word counts. This isn't nanowrimo :P) The Ides of March. In honor of the date, we are calling it the IdeM Writing Challenge.

Who's with us??


  1. I'm actually taking part in a Challenge - I feel so grown-up!! Roll on the IdeM Writing Challenge - I reckon we should make this a yearly thing. Might have to adjust the start date because February is a short month, but it would end on 15th March. And 16th is my BIRTHDAY!!! As I believe I already mentioned on Twitter :)

  2. LOL I feel all grown up as well. And I can feel my writing muscles streeeeeetchiiiiing as you keep challenging me. I feel like I'm not doing as well as you, but then, as a rough draft, you're mostly getting the essential needed for a good base.

    Ah, I know the word, superfluous. <--Did I spell that right?:) Anyway, I'm amped up and it's already helping. I'm able to tell my kids that I have to write two chapters so make your own sandwich! :D

    And I know the 16th is your birthday Lololol I wasn't sure if you wanted me to put it on my blog though! We are going to have a great birthday celebration!

    Thanks for your help!