Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the road again...

Thanks to some wonderful comments and support from my critique partner, I pounded out two more chapters in first person. And I'm a success. :D Anne-Mhairi says I nailed it! No she wasn't talking about a guy! Get your head out of the gutter. Yes, you know who you are.

I have written a third now, since Friday's excerpts. Go me! Our hero had to learn of a little bit of her secrets, and be told what he was getting into. He still doesn't know she's got a few side effects... I think I may have to keep him in the series long term. Can't decide. Need to kill somebody. It's been too long since someone was killed...

It's intense to be writing something from first person. I'm liking it now, although I still feel the fear at the top of my throat threatening to strangle me. I didn't write yesterday. I did do a little editing, but had to stop that when 2 yo decided it was his turn for attention :D

I had family things to take care of yesterday. I bought some of the supplies for the scrapbook project my MIL and I are doing. While shopping, I found watertight file boxes for six bucks! Sweet deal. I got two. One for my homeschool stuff (I'm sure I'll need more eventually) and one for my edits and ongoing writing stuff.

I got it all organzied. Tore out the relevant pages from their work books and filed them away. labeled oodles of files. Thought up more projects for the kids. Saw where I needed more prep for the boys. Busy, busy.

Now I have to get back to critiquing and writing. How is your weekend going?

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