Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Kill a Mocking Mouse

If you are of the Disney bunch who still love mice and think they're great, DO NOT READ THIS. I used to be like you. No more. They have ruined my yarn, stolen my butter, made my house stink, routinely ruin my breads and leave their $#!+ everywhere. It's disgusting, unhealthy, and I'm allergic to them.

Some of you who have long followed me on twitter know that I'm on a crusade. I have had a SEVERE mouse problem since last summer. Figured out why, but it doesn't matter at this point. The point is that traps and a cat have been unable to keep the little suckers down. Having a cat did stop them from treating my house like their personal zoo and we were the animals... Trust me, they would WATCH us play video games.

Anyways, My cat has been put outside, allowed in every other day or so for a while. She gets mice. In fact, I think she got one of the most annoying ones out of my room. Today we started to rearrange the house in prep for redoing floors and a fat mouse got away. I was so irked. I had gotten my letter opener and everything so I could get it.

Hours later, we're going through stuff to put it back together enough for us to rest. We have have a third of the area's carpet up, had to add more flooring as the current flooring was way warped, and started tiling. We also took the wallpaper off the walls. All in all, a productive day, but that mouse getting away irks me.

We had an old dresser that held our VHS movies. When we pulled out one of the drawers, we found a mouse nest over the whole top of the movies. My husband pounds over the nest with one of the movies and a mouse does a back flip out the back! We lose sight of him and go back to the drawer. It was disgusting. We threw that drawer away.

We found the mouse in the dresser's bones and chased it with my letter opener. My husband said "You can't kill a mice with this," but preceded to chase the mouse with it, around and out of the dresser. My son chased it down where it attempted to go under the rug. It was mostly under the rug and my son stepped on it.

Due to a cord running under the rug, the mouse was stuck but not dead. It is now. I won't go into details here, but lets just say that my husband was wrong,I love rocks, and my dogs got an extra treat.

I feel vindicated after the earlier miss. This warrior woman has come one step closer to getting her house back!

There's more than one way skin a, mouse.


  1. Good luck getting rid of the mice. We had a mouse problem last summer that was awful. It took a few months, but they're gone now.

  2. @Melissa Thanks! We're working on it. I'm hopoing that spring cleaning and redoing the floors will help a lot. It's disturbing their nests at mating/baby time. I'm also painting filling in holes as much as possible! That will help :D