Monday, February 21, 2011

Have so much to do

My critique partner and I are rocking. I wrote an erotic comedy short for a contest that opens on March 1st. And you know what? I wrote it in first person :D

I think it's pretty good for a quickie. *snicker*

I'm now at 19360 words on my Gal Friday Noir and it's coming along nicely. About to send her out into the fray again. Knives blazing. Momma is pissed. Her kids are being held captive to ensure her cooperation. Nothing like a grizzly momma after you. Bad guys never learn. Don't mess with someone's kids.

Not going as quickly as I'd like on the edits. In fact, Hubby just left with the reason and I may have to edit instead of write while they're gone!! It's hard though. I'm really digging my new story and my critique partner as well. Sigh. But I must finsh the other one. Send it off :D

And ahem, I have one other beta reader. her initials are AG who needs to put her two cents in. Or on the other one :D Maybe should send them to her again? LOL I guess I'll be good and go edit. Course, it is the devil's human son, demons, Succubai, angels, Soulmates, sex, love, bondage, sword fights... Hey, that's right, I like that book. :D

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