Monday, April 12, 2010

script frenzy

So script frenzy is not going as well as NaNoWriMO did, but I have faith I will finish! I only have 7 pages (2 more than the first day!) but I have found my niche and will be able to go quickly when my workshop is over.

I'm taking a query workshop, which has been interesting since I lost my internet card.
But I'm managing. I will catch up quickly on script frenzy next week. I did those 2 pages in like 15 minutes. At that rate it will only take me 12 hours to finish LOL. One long writing day ought to do it :)

I have been working hard and writing my but off in mornings and still trying to pay attention to baby and rest of fam. It seems to be working, although I'm way too stressed and need to find a way to calm down.

Oh, guess what? Nate bought me the 2010 Writer's Market! I'm so excited. It's a major step for him in ackowleding my career choice and in showing support.

Well, back to writing and reading my internet stuff, and most important for today, getting my on-line homework finished!

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