Friday, April 16, 2010

Here's Your Sign moment...

Okay, I got my internet card replaced, but it is S L O W and my baby wants my attention (who knew?) So, my husband being home today, I have again gone to Safeway to write, network, etc. AS their WiFi is incredible (coffe isn't bad either, if you like that sort of stuff. :D *Waves, Thanks Safeway!

Today, they have been incredibly busy, so no one to help watch my lap top or other stuff. So, I'm trucking everything into the ladies room in a cart (I know, I know,annoying as hell, but better than getting my stuff ripped off. I'll quit as soon as the theives do!)

I waited until last minute to go this time as I was in the middle of a chapter of edits. (Only like 150 more pages of editing and four new chapters to write. No prob, right?)I go in and the handicap stall is taken so I go to last stall (so cart is only a little bit in the way) and pull my pants down.

I hadn't even had my pants down before someone is in stall next to me. I hear a loud water hitting water sound and blink as I sit. Wait. That sounds like my husband... Am I in the right restroom? I think, naw, can't be a guy, probably someone who had held it as long as me... I have to look. I bend down and check out which way the shoes are pointing and, yep, you guessed it, they were pointing AT THE WALL! I didn't have to look far because these size 13's were spilling into my space. LOL

So, he's finished and so is the one in the other stall, a worker from Safeway. She comes out and he says, GET THIS, he says:

"Are you in the wrong place or am I?" (Now, I don't know how many men's rooms you've seen, but when you're the mother of four boys, you see more than your fair share. I promise you that Safeway's WOMEN'S bathrooms are nowhere near that bad. AND at this particular store you HAVE TO PASS THE MEN'S to reach the women's RR)

She says, "Noooo, you are?" "I am," he replies. "I wondered about all the nice trim?"


So the worker looks at me increduously as he stands there, nonchalant and washes his hands. I am trying really hard not to laugh. I have to tell you, this guy handles embarrassment well.

He leaves the room and we bust up laughing. We go to wash our hands, and guess what?

He used the last of the paper towels.

Can you believe it?



  1. Great story! Didn't he notice the lack of urinals?

  2. Yeah, maybe that's what he meant by trim LOL

  3. Unbelieveable Leona, great blog post!

  4. Thanks Jim!
    How's everyone?? Are you and Delessa (and Dylan of course. Josh liked it, so he might) going to make my book signing the 8th? I know you're all super busy (When did you become Mayor? I must have missed that post!)but I would LOVE to see you guys.