Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Okay, I have to admit, some of the text lingo has come in handy. I have had an ... I was going to say aweful couple of weeks, but it seems to be the norm for us! The internet card has been taken/lost. Long story behind that. The SSI thing that was supposed to be fixed, is not. And I have been unable to write! I finally found time to write yesterday, but I left my glasses at the theatre and trying to focus on the words literally put me to sleep.

I'm currently taking a query workshop, which is going okay. It's on the yahoo groups. One minor problem: my phone refuses to recognise my yahoo id/password combo so I can't follow up with my phone and I have no internet. Funny thing is, my yahoo popped up so fast that my eyes crossed when using the same d*** password/id combo that I used all day yesterday!!! GRRRRRRR

Well, hubby home today, so I'm writing for awhile until he gets back to building waves for our set.

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