Thursday, April 15, 2010

famous last words

So, it's 230 am her in the land of Oz and baby is going strong. Why, you may ask? Because I told someone. In logical terms, one might say it was the four hour nap he took fro 6-10 at the babysitters, but, one would be wrong.

All that lovely sleep and writing? still waiting for me. I had a computer Melt Down today. Watch out for something that's supposed to be windows vista security but isn't! I had a hell of a time, and shortly after last post, was unable to post at all!

Alls well here, for now. Will try and get back on the straight and narrow tomorrow, er, today. :P Script Frenzy will get made up tomorrow, at least some of it, even if I have to put off doing taxes! I have seven years, since I'm getting a return. :D Write write write

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