Friday, April 2, 2010


So I spent my morning looking for shoes for son and I cuz it was snowing here. Then went to doctors. Son has ear infection both ears and bronchitis. So we're waiting for his meds (hour to hour and half) and I went to take him to lunch and found out that the SSI was not on the direct deposit card.

After forever on the phone, I find out that after the last forever on the phone, the person I talked to did not update my addy and so they suspended my benny's because of two different state addys. GRRRRRRR The biggest problem is that if they don't give Isaac at least $1 then he doesn't get his medical coupon either!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a Down Syndrome kid with no medical now. Can we say ********** insert favorite cuss word(s) here.

It's frustrating dealing with all of this. I'm grateful for the help with medical and money so I can take care of him, but WTF what's the point of updating your file if they don't update it?????? RANT RANT RANT lol

Okay after we are able to get Patrick's meds, I'll be spending my afternoon at SSI office. Wish me luck, please. I will need it!!!!!!

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