Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 1 counts

I've tallied my total for today, although I may work on it more later. I've quite at 5 pages and I'm working strictly on new contact characters and word count for DAMIAN. That's the working title of the first book in the series, with Jolene's Desire being the second.

The script title is Demon Run. It's interesting trying to use someone's formatted script as a template (Windows XP users) but it's easier for me.

I've found the inspiration I need for Damian by doing this. New start to the story makes it more exciting and the paranormal aspects immediately evident. I' excited about the book again. I was always excited about publishing possibility, but was stalled on the story. Now, I'm on a roll. I've added another 800 words already (that's on top of doing the 5 pages of script!)

Thank you Script Frenzy!

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